SBA Launches RFP-EZ Pilot: An Online Platform for Accessing and Bidding on Federal Government Contracts

By at 18 January, 2013, 9:33 am

By Karen Kerrigan-

Yesterday, SBA announced a pilot project that allows small businesses to view and directly bid on federal government contracts.  It’s called RFP-EZ.

Through RFP-EZ, a company can easily search for a contract opportunity, review a statement of work, and bid for a project on the RFP-EZ site.  There are a limited number of projects available to bid on. Hopefully, this project will be a success, and then expand as SBE Council has always asserted that technology can be the catalyst for helping small business owners cut through the bureaucracy and costs associated with the federal government marketplace.  Through the online bidding process, small business owners directly engage with decision makers and compete for projects.  You can register on the RFP-EZ website, and view the opportunities.

The project is a partnership between the US Small Business Administration and the White House’s Presidential Innovation Fellows. The state goal of the project is to “make it easier for companies to sell to the government and easier for the government to buy from companies.”

Here is more information about RFP-EZ that the SBA provided yesterday in a media release: 

How do I use RFP-EZ?

If you’ve never done business with the federal government before, you don’t have to worry about getting on any schedules or dealing with a cumbersome registration processes. Through RFP-EZ, a company can easily search for an opportunity; see a statement of work and bid for a project all on the RFP-EZ site.

You can register and start bidding now, here:

What kinds of projects are available for bid?

You can bid on a variety of contracts ranging from video transcription, to web design, to web application development.  Projects range from $3,000 to $150,000.

How can I give feedback to the RFP-EZ process?

Here at SBA, we’re committed to listening to small business owners and taking their ideas and turning them into solutions. As we learn more from this experiment, we hope to expand procurement opportunities to other categories. RFP-EZ will be open for a limited time as we measure its impact and determine how to best move forward. It’s important that you give us (SBA) any feedback, comments or new ideas you may have. You can do so by following the project on Twitter @ProjectRFPEZ  or e-mailing at

Good luck small business owners and entrepreneurs! This platform is a good idea, and long overdue. Hopefully, the test project will be a success and lead to more procurement opportunities for small businesses.

Karen Kerrigan is president & CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.

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