Keating in WV State Journal: Tax reform needs to focus on small business and entrepreneurship

By at 23 December, 2016, 9:14 am

In a December 22 Op-ed in the West Virginia State Journal, SBE Council chief economist Ray Keating writes about the importance of reforming the tax code with the engines of our economy in mind – that is small businesses and entrepreneurs.

As Keating notes in the piece:

“As President-elect Trump and congressional leaders begin crafting legislation, they should keep one significant fact in mind: Small businesses and entrepreneurship are central to robust growth and economic opportunity for Americans. Small businesses drive innovation and are responsible for about two-thirds of net new job creation. A healthy economy needs strong business creation, which, unfortunately has been abysmal for quite some time.”

Keating reviews the House GOP’s “Better Way” plan, and how that stacks up in terms of what small businesses need in order to build great businesses and succeed in the competitive global economy.

Read the full piece here.


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