CNBC: Small Business Waiting for Trump to Lighten Their Regulatory Load

By at 16 February, 2017, 4:02 pm

A CNBC story (Feb. 16) by Kate Rogers looks at a variety of regulations and government burdens that are affecting the growth of small business owners, including SBE Council Entrepreneur-in-Residence Kristie Arslan, owner of Popped! Republic. Rogers reports on tax, health care and labor regulations, and specifically the “joint employer” rule and its impact on Arslan’s plans to franchise.

As Rogers noted in the piece:

“Small business owners hope President Donald Trump will come through on his promise to slash Washington’s red tape in a big way, allowing them to more freely invest in expansion and hiring.”

Read about how specific regulations and red tape are impacting the growth and expansion plans of several small business owners in the CNBC article here.

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