Keating in Morning Consult:  Small Businesses and Our Economy Needs Tax Relief and Comprehensive Reform

By at 14 June, 2017, 9:50 am

In a June 14 Op-ed in the Morning Consult, SBE Council chief economist Ray Keating outlines the key reasons why small businesses desperately need tax reform.

The competitiveness of small firms as well as our economy would see a tremendous boost with lower rates and the simplicity that comprehensive reform would bring. As he notes in the piece:

“Tax reform needs to be bold, including across-the-board tax rate cuts for individuals and businesses. Congressional leaders and President Donald Trump cannot let another year go by without enacting meaningful tax relief and reform. Our small businesses, entrepreneurs, America’s workforce and whole economy are dependent upon the move to a more competitive and pro-growth tax system.”

Read the Op-ed here.

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