Jason Duff in Forbes: The Seven Best Local Businesses To Start in 2017

By at 24 June, 2017, 8:07 pm

SBE Council member Jason Duff is a successful entrepreneur. Also, he is successfully helping to reinvigorate the small town Main Street where he grew up in Ohio.  As he notes in a recent Forbes piece about his experiences:

In the post-recession dust of 2010, storefronts in my small hometown of Bellefontaine, Ohio, were shuttering. One day while walking down Main Street, I saw a sign of a closing shop that read, “Thank you for 30 years in business!” It was heartbreaking; I knew the faces behind this sign. I had childhood memories behind this sign.

As an entrepreneur who had started four local businesses by then, I was spurred at that moment to take our redevelopment efforts to another level: purchasing and renovating historic real estate and then attracting, funding, and training local entrepreneurs to succeed in those spaces. Six years later, Bellefontaine has 20 new thriving small businesses.

My town isn’t the only one making a comeback. Despite the rise of online shopping, one survey shows 85% of consumers prefer to shop in-store so they can see and touch products. And while big-box stores are cheap and convenient, the trend for both business and housing is away from the suburbs and into walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods.

In this Forbes article, Jason shares his picks for the best local businesses to open in 2017!

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