Kerrigan: Fixing Obamacare Key to Sustained Small Business Optimism and Growth

By at 30 June, 2017, 1:00 pm

Small Business Group Urges GOP Senate Leaders to Keep Working on a Legislative Solution

Fixing Obamacare for small business owners and entrepreneurs will sustain their optimism, says SBE Council president CEO Karen Kerrigan.  She is urging GOP Senators to keep up negotiations over the July 4 recess.


Washington, D.C. – A leading advocate for entrepreneurs is urging U.S. Senators to keep health care negotiations going during the July 4th recess in order to vote on a bill following their return to Capitol Hill.  According to Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) president & CEO Karen Kerrigan, a legislation solution that addresses Obamacare’s crushing burden on small businesses, their workforce and self-employed Americans is critical to sustaining their newfound optimism. Without progress on Obamacare reform, said Kerrigan, small business optimism will fizzle if this major pain point is not resolved for their businesses.

“Obamacare’s costs and the threat of higher premiums are massive drags on the survival and profitability of many small businesses.  Business owners are currently spending a significant amount of time and energy on trying to determine what their options will be for next year and whether they will even be able to afford insurance for their employees.  The cost uncertainty, combined with whether they will even have access to a health plan, continues to hold back expansion and investment plans for many, which undermines a return to strong economic growth and the gains we need on jobs and new business creation,” said Kerrigan.

GOP Senators appear to be making headway in their negotiations and Kerrigan said this momentum needs to be maintained to ensure a bill will be voted on soon after they return to Capitol Hill following recess.

“Getting Obamacare fixed can and must get done, and soon. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are already making plans for next year.  They don’t want to go into 2018 like they had in previous years, burdened by heavy uncertainty and costs.  For the sake of small businesses and their hardworking employers, along with millions of self-employed Americans, GOP Senators need to find a legislative answer and move it to the floor for a vote,” added Kerrigan.           

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