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By at 5 August, 2017, 11:48 am

The past week’s roundup of “How To” articles, educational resources and future events, business news and success stories recommended by SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan.

Management and Operations

Scaling a Startup Team, TechStars. “I’m the CEO and co-founder of Preply, a global marketplace for online tutoring. Here are some helpful takeaways from our journey as you start to grow your startup team.”

5 Tax Deduction Secrets You Should Know Before Your Next Business Trip, Small Biz Trends. “Being able to deduct travel costs can provide significant financial relief for a small business. However, tax rules for business travel are not always straightforward, placing a number of limitations on deductions for an owner’s travel expenses.”

4 Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Be VC Funded, Bplans.  “While there’s a certain cachet that comes with being able to say you raised a round of funding for your startup, realize that it’s a lot of hard work to actually secure venture capital (VC) funding, and there are reasons you might not want to.”

Will You Marry Me? The Art of Choosing a Co-Founder, Forbes. “In the end, the best way to determine whether you should work with someone or not is to take your time. Spend time with each other outside of business contexts, and observe how they interact with people in their lives.”


Small Business Administration (SBA) Webinars

How to Avoid Losses Due to Payments Fraud

Tuesday, August 8 | 3:00 p.m. ET | 12:00 p.m. PT

In this second part of the Small Business Payments Toolkit series, we’ll describe current payment fraud schemes that small businesses should watch out for and provide important information on how to avoid being victimized by fraudsters. Your takeaways will include greater awareness of fraud threats and knowledge of fraud prevention tools that can help protect the valuable assets of your small business.

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Add More Revenue Streams to Your Service-Based Business

Wednesday, August 16 | 1:00 p.m. ET | 10:00 a.m. PT

Trading “hours for dollars” is an easy way for small business owners to make money, but not the smartest way to leverage your time. In this webinar produced by SCORE, a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, attorney John Corcoran will teach you how to “scale up,” including:

-How to add $50-100K in new revenue streams with your existing clients and network

-How to get off the “time for dollar” roller coaster

-10 income streams you can implement in your business today

-How you can get paid in advance to create your first one-to-many group program or offering (so you can build a more scalable business you love)

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Marketing and Branding

How I Grew My Business with the Sole Help of Social Media Channels, All Top Startups. “Being patient and following a consistent strategy, which is built around who your customer is and your end goal, is the only way to get there!”

Supercharge Your Small Business Marketing: How to Market to the Social Media Generation, crowdSPRING. “As of 2016, Millennials overtook Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation. And, their unique approach to buying (not to mention their spending dollars) should have a strong impact on the way we market. So how can businesses reach this important group of consumers?”

6 Keys to Marketing Customer Experiences vs Product, Startup Professionals. “There is ongoing evidence that companies with the highest customer experience typically grow at more than double the rate of their competitors. The inverse case is that you can lose you competitive lead very quickly by focusing on the wrong things. Have you checked your customers’ experience lately?

7 Ways Your Blog Can Reach a Larger Audience, TechCo. “The fact is that getting your content to go viral actually takes much more than sharing your new post on your social channels and asking your friends to promote it for you.”

Why a Minimalist Logo Can Work Great for Your Business, crowdSPRING. “When it comes to design, especially for business, trends and fads can be confusing. Some are useful but others can be distracting and counter-productive. But there’s one current design trend that we believe is powerful and can help businesses to build stronger brands: minimalism.”

Trends in the Economy and Marketplace

Now at Saks: A Salt Room, a Bootcamp and a Peek at Retail’s Future, New York Times. “And in some ways, the new effort is a return to the past. Some 80 years ago, Saks was a pioneer in creating eye-catching retail experiences. In 1935, the department store built an indoor ski slope where instructors offered lessons to customers while selling skis and winter wear.”

What you Need to Know if You Want to Join the Van Life Movement, Forbes.  “Forget McMansions and even tiny homes, the new craze in housing is going mobile. And while the images shared on social media are nothing short of drool-worthy there are a few financial realities one must consider before taking the leap and moving into a van full time.”

When a Scented Candle Just Won’t Do, New York Times.  Welcome to the “air care” business. “Drugstores and other retailers are fully stocked with low-cost home fragrances, from room sprays to candles and wall plug-ins. Now, thanks to Air Esscentials and other such firms, there are options on the higher end: compact yet high-powered diffusers that will infuse scent throughout a room for hours or days at a time.”

U.S. Small Business Owners’s Optimism Highest in 10 Years, Gallup. “When asked to name the top challenge facing their business, small business owners continue to most frequently cite issues relating to government policies — including regulations and taxes, each mentioned by 9%.“

The Digital Divide Between Urban and Rural America’s Access to Internet, CBS News. “Just 3 percent of people in urban areas lack access to broadband, but in rural areas, 35 percent of people have no access.That’s about 22 million Americans.The FCC Thursday committed $2 billion in subsidies over the next decade to help telecommunications companies bridge that gap…”

Thomas Friedman Embraces the Gig Economy, Small Business Labs. “The mainstream media has not, on average, been thrilled about the rise of the gig economy. In fact, mostly it’s been quite hostile. So it’s good to see someone as influential as Thomas Friedman be supportive.”

Inspiration and Personal Improvement

5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership, Success. “One of the greatest myths about leadership is that some people have it and some don’t. A corollary myth is that if you don’t have it, then you can’t learn it. Neither could be further from the empirical truth.”

How This 60-Year Old Founder Took Her Business From $0 to $500 million in 6 Years, CNBC. “She had been inspired watching her shopping-obsessed friend buy clothing from a secondhand rack in the back of a fancy boutique.”

This Family Built a Half-Billion-Dollar Business on Frozen Pies, Inc.  HOW I DID IT: “In 1987, Rachel and Andy Berliner launched their organic vegetarian frozen-food empire with a single pot pie out of their Petaluma, California, kitchen.”

These Two Words Make You Sound Unprofessional – So Stop Saying Them, Inc. “Recently, I’ve noticed two filler words creeping up in professional conversations. Entrepreneurs, job candidates, television pundits are using this verbal filler way too often.”

Politics and Policy

Strong July Job Numbers, SBE Council.  “The July jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics served up some solid numbers. In particular, the monthly data were strong in terms of the household survey, which better captures small business activity. At the same time, though, we saw a falloff in one key measure of early entrepreneurship.”

Trump Predicts Golden Age for Small Business at White House Event, Small Biz Trends. “Trump hosted an event this week at the White House to note the importance of small businesses to the American economy and to gather feedback from entrepreneurs.”

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