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By at 12 August, 2017, 10:44 am

The past week’s roundup of “How To” articles, educational resources and future events, business news and success stories recommended by SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan.

Featured Resource

Cultivating a Business, SBA Administrator Linda McMahon.

It’s National Farmer’s Market Week, and in a blog post Administrator McMahon shares her insights into how some brick-and-mortar stores got their start at farmers markets: “And the SBA has helped them sprout.”   She notes:

As farmers markets increasingly offer artisanal products as well as produce, shoppers may discover the next big thing – and help an entrepreneur testing a new concept or turning a hobby into a viable business. The SBA and its resource partners can help aspiring entrepreneurs lay the groundwork.  

Webinars and Live Interactive Learning Events

Add More Revenue Streams to Your Service-Based Business, SCORE

Wednesday, August 16 | 1:00 p.m. ET | 10:00 a.m. PT

Trading “hours for dollars” is an easy way for small business owners to make money, but not the smartest way to leverage your time. In this webinar produced by SCORE, a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, attorney John Corcoran will teach you how to “scale up,” including:

-How to add $50-100K in new revenue streams with your existing clients and network

-How to get off the “time for dollar” roller coaster

-10 income streams you can implement in your business today

-How you can get paid in advance to create your first one-to-many group program or offering (so you can build a more scalable business you love)

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Susan Solovic Video-cast Series: The ONE Percent Edge
August 17, 2:00 p.m. ET

Join THE Small Business Expert Susan Solovic for the Leadership Edge, a free broadcast on August 17 at 2 p.m. ET.  Learn how to build innovation into your company’s DNA.  The video-cast is free, but you do need to register. On this video-cast you will:

-Learn what it takes to lead a company with an innovative competitive edge
-Understand mistakes business leaders make that result in missed business opportunities
-Get the tools to transform your business and soar to success

For more information or to register, please click here.


Marketing, Branding and Sales

These 3 Things Will Change the Way Your Store Approaches Tomorrow’s Consumers, Small Business Trends.  “In 2027, six different generations will make up the consumer market—a historical first, A.T. Kearney says. They are the Silent Generation (1928-1945), baby boomers (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1980), millennials (1981-1997) and Generation Z (1998-2016). In particular, Generation Z will have a huge influence, leading the transformation of what shoppers care about.”

Small Business Marketing: Start Your Own Holiday, Small Business Survival. “Businesses and communities already celebrate events such as anniversaries, grand openings, founder’s day, etc. But maybe you have a quirky idea like bacon day or ball point pen day you would like to celebrate. Go ahead. Just look at Ground Hogs Day as a developed event. Several towns have made it a major event.”

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App, Young Startups. “There is a real opportunity for your small business to take a leap over its competitors in your area. Creating a mobile app…can separate you from the pack and net positive results for your business.”

My SEO Secret: Evergreen Lists, Susan Solovic/SBE Council.  Solovic shares “some of the benefits of a successful blog” and “two points that help make a successful blog post.”

7 Ways to Take the Lead in Building A Personal Brand, Startup Professionals. “Building your brand is all about increasing your visibility and relationships. It’s really not about blowing your own horn, but simply being recognized and rewarded for the work you do, and remembered by the people who can offer new opportunities.”

3 Secrets of Sales Automation to Promote Small Business Growth, Small Business Trends.  “Marketing automation has become an integral part of many organization’s strategic mix as the toolset provides businesses with enhanced opportunities to transform raw leads into sales-qualified prospects. This is done by continually nurturing leads with various forms of informative content and personalized communications as they move through the sales funnel.”

PR Database Tools Review: Pressfarm, Muck Rack and MyMediaInfo, All Top Startups. “If you’re looking to double-down on earned media efforts, these are three PR databases your startup can consider, with a summary of their features and benefits.”

5 Important Lessons Your Small Business Should Learn from Successful Brands, crowdSPRING. “Strong brand recognition is key to building loyal customer relationships. Every business should aspire to create strong brand recognition. After all, loyal customers lead to reliable, consistent revenue.”


Startup Advice and Economic Development Ideas

How to Use Your Business Plan to Create an Awesome Company Name, Bplans. “A company that has gone through the process of defining their business by writing a business plan generally has a greater sense of self-awareness than a company that hasn’t.”

Startup Team Formation: Mentors, Advisors and Early Team Members, TechStars. “How much equity should you give early team members and why? Value is created when you build and grow a company – not when you found a company.”

What Businesses Would Work in a Small Town? Filling Empty Buildings, Small Business Survival.  A dozen ideas, and business opportunities that work best.

Nine Cool Unicorns You Might Not Know Yet, Smith School of Business. “Everybody knows Uber and Airbnb. The two startups are so big that their names have become not just noun, but verb. There was a time when the notion of a $1 billion tech startup seemed like a far-fetched, mythical creation. Today, though, there are loads of these companies out there.”


Trends in the Economy and Marketplace

Mall Space: A New Frontier for eCommerce Distribution?, All Top Startups. “As the Wall Street Journal reports, retailers are turning vacant mall space into distribution centers where customers can conveniently pick up and return items they bought online. Online-first merchants are also opening both pop-up shops and permanent stores in malls and shopping centers to enhance their customer experience from start to finish.”

What Does the Future Hold for the Internet of Things, TechCo. “Previous predictions are becoming a reality, and this intelligence of everyday objects is called the Internet of Things.  If we take a step back and examine how these devices are developed, we can easily predict what the future holds for this trend.”

For Doomsday Preppers, the End of the World is Good for Business, New York Times. “Some companies that specialize in selling items to people planning for the worst — so-called doomsday preppers — say they have had a bump in sales this week, after tensions rose between the United States and North Korea.”

The 10 Biggest U.S. Cities with the Fastest Growing Economies, Forbes. “For a look at the top-10 metro areas whose economies are moving in the right direction quickly, check out our slideshow, complete with some numbers on employment increases and the state of the labor forces.”

Variation in State Economic Performance for Q1 2017, SBE Council. “In the first quarter 2017, the top growth states were Texas, West Virginia, and New Mexico, and they expanded by 3 .9 percent, 3.0 percent and 2.8 percent, respectively. Those rates of growth far outdistanced the national rate of 1.2 percent, and that was largely due to mining, namely, energy production.”


Self-Improvement, Inspiration and Leadership

How to Feel Like Your 30 When You’re 60, MarketWatch.  “…for people who are willing to put in the effort, aging in America is a thing of the past.  Follow the tips [here] to feel decades younger and healthier.”

A Neuroscientist Who Studies Decision Making Reveals the Most Important Choice You can Make, World Economic Forum. “Cerf’s conclusion is that if people want to maximize happiness and minimize stress, they should build a life that requires fewer decisions by surrounding themselves with people who embody the traits they prefer. Over time, they’ll naturally pick up those desirable attitudes and behaviors.”

7 Leadership Lessons from Successful Immigrants, Startup Professionals. “…I was impressed with a new book, “The Emigrant Edge,” by Irish immigrant and successful business executive, Brian Buffini. He details the natural disadvantages and advantages of immigrants, compared to native-born business leaders, and highlights seven common traits that we both believe should be adopted and practiced by every business owner.”

Be Like Ray Kroc? Or Not?, GrowThink. “This is a tale of persistence, of a 52 year old man who had swung and failed too many times in his life to count, finally connecting and with grit and belief hitting it really big in America.  And then the rest of the story, more complex but no less revelatory as to the competing priorities and values of modern business.”


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