Small Business Input Needed on Regulatory Reform: Public Comment Deadlines Approaching

By at 11 September, 2017, 9:28 am

There are several federal government initiatives underway right now, which aim to streamline and improve the regulatory system, and identify rules that are excessive, outdated or need to be changed in some way. The voice of entrepreneurs and small business owners is needed in these efforts, so please take the time to provide input and ideas!

President Trump’s Regulatory Reform and Relief Efforts


SBA Office of Advocacy Roundtables and Online Platform

The Office of Advocacy is involved in Regulatory Reform efforts as a result of two recent regulatory Executive Orders issued by President Trump.

Executive Order 13771 – Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs

Executive Order 13777 – Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda

If you cannot attend a roundtable that the Office is hosting (see below) you can still provide input through their online platform.

Please use this form provided by the Office of Advocacy to share information about a specific rule or regulations, and they will pass the information along to the appropriate federal agency and also use it in the planning of upcoming Regulatory Reform Roundtables.  (By filling out this form you are helping the Office of Advocacy determine the most important federal regulations that impact your small business. Names and other personal information provided will not be shared without prior consent.)

Regional Regulatory Roundtables

Join the movement and Sign the Small Business Letter to Congress Urging the COMPLETION of Tax Reform in 2017!

As noted above, the Office of Advocacy is hosting small business roundtables in order to hear firsthand from small businesses facing regulatory burdens. Come tell us which federal agency regulations should be considered for reform or elimination. Let us know which regulations are problematic for your business.

Upcoming Events:

St. Louis, MO – September 12, 2017 – Sign up HERE.

Overland Park, KS – September 14, 2017 – Sign up HERE

More roundtables across the nation will be added soon.

The purpose of Advocacy’s Regional Regulatory Roundtables is to:

-Identify regional small business regulatory issues in order to assist agencies with regulatory reform and reduction in compliance with Executive Orders 13771 & 13777;

-Compile crucial information for Advocacy’s new report on existing small business regulatory burdens across the nation, identifying specific recommendations for regulatory changes based upon first-hand accounts from small businesses across the country; and

-Inform and educate the small business public as to how Advocacy and SBA can assist them with their small business.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Efforts

The SBA is encouraging small businesses to comment on President Trump’s Executive Order 13777 directing all federal agencies to designate a Regulatory Reform Officer and develop a process of evaluating their existing regulations and determine which ones should be repealed, replaced or modified.

Many of the federal agencies have developed their own portals and online platforms for small business owners to make comments about specific the rules and regulations of that federal agency. The SBA has posted its own platform, and small businesses may post comments on until October 16, 2017.

Overtime Rule is Invalid, DOL Looks at Proposing New Rule

An August 31 ruling by a federal judge effectively makes permanent the temporary nation-wide injunction on the Department of Labor’s overtime rule that the judge granted in November of last year. An appeal of the preliminary injunction is still pending, but the August 31 decision should render that moot.  In June, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued a Request for Information from the public to provide input on the need for a new overtime salary threshold. This may lead to a new overtime rule proposal. Comments are due on September 25.  The request for information shows how to file comments.

Waters of the U.S. Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing a rule to rescind the Clean Water Rule and “re-codify the regulatory text that existed prior to 2015 defining ‘waters of the United States’ or WOTUS. This action would, when finalized, provide certainty in the interim, pending a second rulemaking in which the agencies will engage in a substantive re-evaluation of the definition of ‘waters of the United States.’”  Comments are due on September 27.

Fiduciary Rule Update

The DOL published a proposal to delay the implementation of the remaining provisions of the fiduciary rule by an additional 18 months. Part of the rule went into effect in June and the remainder was to activate in January of 2018. Comments are due by September 15.

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