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At the heart of any small business is a hard-working entrepreneur. As a job creator and innovator you are key to our economy, and help build and sustain communities throughout our country. SBE Council and The Credit Junction share in your commitment, and are pleased to provide you and America’s small business owners with the resources and tools needed to grow successful businesses.

In this spirit, SBE Council is excited to announce a strategic partnership with The Credit Junction, a data-driven platform that helps owners of small and midsized business grow their companies by providing fast, flexible and efficient access to as much as $5M in capital. To learn more about The Credit Junction, click here.

As an advocacy and education organization, SBE Council works to advance policies that create a healthy ecosystem for entrepreneurship and startup success. We also provide educational tools that help small businesses compete and grow.  In keeping with this important mission, SBE Council and The Credit Junction will be partnering on webinars, workshops and educational events to bring small business owners the tools to access capital and promote economic development throughout the United States, especially in areas where entrepreneurship is most needed.

To understand the types of loans available at The Credit Junction, see below:

 asset_based  credit_review  flex_structure  our_capital
We use your business collateral to back up the loan. We take a look at your accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment. Our credit review isn’t formulaic. We treat each business on its own merit, and have no FICO credit review. We offer interest-only lines of credit or short-to-medium duration term loans. We are not a broker, or a bank. We have our own capital to loan out.
We lend to businesses that are
$2M to $20M Lines of credit
6-24 month terms
Interest-only payments

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