Health Care Daily: What is Medicare Advantage, and Why is Congress Trying to Change What is Working?

By at 18 August, 2009, 1:53 pm

By Victoria Braden

Medicare Advantage programs were enacted during the Bush administration in an attempt to prolong the life of Medicare. They combine Medicare benefits with Medicare supplements into one plan – Medicare Advantage, which are managed and distributed by private insurance companies.

With these plans came very detailed guidelines designed to protect the elderly from possible abuses by insurance companies that administer the plans and agents who sell the plans.

Even with these restrictions, Medicare Advantage plans have been advantageous for the Seniors who opt into the plans costing much less and providing far greater medical coverage than the base Medicare plan offered by the government.

If private companies can deliver Medicare benefits beyond what the government is offering and at a lower price, why would we ever consider turning over the entire healthcare system to the government?

Victoria Braden is President & CEO of Braden Benefits Strategies.

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