H.R. 899, the Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act of 2013

By at 25 February, 2014, 6:45 pm

UPDATE:  The Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act, H.R. 899 passed the U.S. House 234-176

The Honorable Virginia Foxx

United States House of Representatives

2350 Rayburn Building

Washington, DC  20515


Dear Representative Foxx:

On behalf of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) and its 100,000 members, we are pleased to support H.R. 899, the Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act of 2013.

H.R. 899 contains many important and much-needed reform provisions to make the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act (UMRA) work better, such as requiring the disclosure of direct costs associated with regulations imposed by federal agencies and expediting congressional oversight and action on onerous and costly regulations.  The bill enables greater stakeholder engagement and provides for meaningful judicial review.

A recent survey by SBE Council’s Center for Regulatory Solutions found that Americans have no idea how the regulatory system works and feel they have no voice in the process: 64% of Americans said that regulations are “created in a way that does not consider their real-world impact,” 72% believe regulations are “created in a closed, secretive process,” and 68% believe regulations are created by “out-of-touch” people trying to push a political agenda. Overwhelmingly, Americans think regulation is hurting job creation, the economy, small business and our nation’s competitiveness.  H.R. 899 will bring insert some much needed confidence into the regulatory process, which will improve the confidence of Americans in terms of how they feel about the federal government.

SBE Council looks forward to working with you to advance H.R. 899 into law. Thank you for your leadership.


Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO             

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