Visa Data Security Alert: Carbanak (Anunak) Advanced Persistent Threat

By at 5 March, 2015, 8:10 am


A malware known as Carbanak is being used as part of an Advanced Persistent Threat attack to commit financial crime. Kaspersky Labs has reported that over 100 financial institutions and retailers in over 30 countries were targeted with spear phishing emails that are designed to appear to be legitimate banking communications.

Carbanak allows attackers remote access to a target’s network leading to malicious activities.

Visa has highlighted these security issues in this data security alert. This publication outlines the attack vector and provides detection and mitigation practices along with other resources. This data security alert may be disseminated to all payment system stakeholders.

The alert posted on the SBE Council website, can also be found at the Visa Data Security website at

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