Why Global Entrepreneurs Make the Best Entrepreneurs

By at 4 December, 2017, 4:42 pm

Ramon Ray, founder and CEO of Smart Hustle Magazine, attended the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India.  Ramon certainly was in his element as he says this gathering of global entrepreneurs “all had the HUSTLE. the smart hustle of entrepreneurship.”

By Ramon Ray-

Last week I attended the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India.

The event, co-hosted by India and the United States, was attended by 1500 entrepreneurs. Participants were hungry to learn from each other, learn from the speakers and of course network with various luminaries such as Ivanka Trump and Prime Minister Modi.

I’ve never before experienced being with hundreds of entrepreneurs from 150 different countries. It was a lovely and enriching experience. See an overview of the conference here.

I’ll never forget many of the amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs I met with, who discussed their challenges and success stories. For example, I met a woman construction company owner from Afghanistan who has faced extraordinary barriers, including death threats. I also met a young woman entrepreneur who is building an “Elon Musk” like infrastructure to recycle cars all over India. How inspiring! I also interviewed a young man who is building the first ecommerce platform in Chad. This is a very encouraging development for his country.

What is common with all of these entrepreneurs is that they all had a solution to a problem. They all had a passion, a fire in their gut, to create something bigger than themselves. They all had the HUSTLE, the smart hustle of entrepreneurship.

As an American it’s easy to just think of entrepreneurship in the bubble of Shark Tank or our local chambers’ of commerces in the United States. However, we have to remember that while the United States indeed has the best and biggest community of entrepreneurship, there’s a thriving global community of entrepreneurs.

This leads me to another observation.

I had only thought of U.S. Diplomacy as it relates to resolving conflicts, like trade wars with China, dealing with North Korea’s nukes, or being the host government of the United Nations.

HOWEVER, what I saw up close at GES was hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world, who came to GES hosted by the U.S. Government. Sure, the U.S. is incredibly generous as our nation provides education, food, infrastructure and many types of resources to countries all over the world that need help. But did you know that we also support entrepreneurship throughout the world?

Two programs are U.S. Aid’s entrepreneurship program and Global Innovation Through Science and Technology.  The U.S. State Department also hosts many, many delegations from across the world that come to the United States to learn, network and bring ideas and solutions back to their countries. For many years, our entrepreneurs and thought leaders have also traveled to many countries to help business communities strengthen their voice in the policymaking process, while also helping people become entrepreneurs through mentoring, speaking and developing local programs.

Indeed, U.S. diplomacy comes in many forms.

Sure, I’m an American and I’ve always appreciated different cultures. However, now I feel like I’m a Global Entrepreneur, with an expanded mindset and an even deeper appreciation for entrepreneurs and the power of entrepreneurship.

Global entrepreneurs see obstacles as opportunities, see the WORLD as their marketplace and are critical to solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

Ramon Ray is editor and founder of Smart Hustle Magazine. He also serves on SBE Council’s advisory board and was selected as a U.S. delegate to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

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