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By at 10 December, 2017, 11:18 am

This week’s roundup of “How To” articles, educational resources and upcoming events, business news and success stories recommended by SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan.

Branding and Marketing

3 Trends that Will Shape Your Marketing Efforts in 2018, Entrepreneur.As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on how well your marketing initiatives performed this year. In that context, we can all name some huge trends that we expected to explode — but simply didn’t.”

Marketers Must Embrace AI Now, Forbes.Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming, in every field and in every business, like it or not. Its effects in marketing, if understood and harnessed correctly, will be game-changing.”

A Genius Way to Get More Attention for Tweets Also Makes Life Easier, Inc. “Write longer and you can get twice as many retweets and almost that many more likes, according to data from SocialFlow, as reported by BuzzFeed.”  

2018 Logo Design Trends: Your Guide to Navigate Hot Trends and Avoid Fads, CrowdSPRING.Stripes, letter stacking, fades and geometric shapes were popular in logo design for 2017. Last year, monoline designs, negative space, and retro designs were all the rage. But, which of these trends are worth following? And, which “trends” are really passing fads that will date your new logo in just a few years?”

3 Ways to Improve Business Relationships Over the Holidays that Will Last for Years, Susan Solovic. “One of the cardinal principles or goals for businesses today, in both retail and B2B organizations, is to establish relationships between themselves and their customers (and employees, I might add). And, just as in our personal lives, the holidays are the ideal time to establish and deepen our relationships with the people whose lives we touch.”

Consumer Trends and the Marketplace

What’s Around the Corner in 2018: A Preview of Next Year’s Retail and Consumer Trends, Forbes. Direct-to-Consumer in Grocery, Supersize Vending, Mental Well Being and an Asset Light World.

A Primer on Business Sustainability, Smart Hustle.  “Businesses can treat sustainability as an ongoing process, increasing their efforts and challenging themselves to do more over time.”


APPLY TODAY! National Small Business Week Awards


National Small Business Week is April 29-May 15, 2018.  Are you a small business owner with an amazing success story to tell? If so, submit your nomination today for the 2018 National Small Business Week Awards. All nominations must be mailed or hand delivered to the nearest SBA Office no later than 3:00 p.m. ET on January 9, 2018. Consult the Awards Guidelines for details.

Consult the Awards Guidelines for a list of National Small Business Week Awards, eligibility criteria, selection process, evaluation criteria and how to submit a nomination package.

2018 Small Giants Awards

Forbes is embarking on its third annual quest to find and recognize America’s Best Small Companies in partnership with the Small Giants Community. Help us recognize the companies you love, so we can show them some love in an upcoming issue of Forbes. Nominate a company and their work via the application below by January 15th, 2018.

There is no fee associated with the application. If you are having difficulty with the form, please use the chrome browser.

Who are we looking for?

Check out the 2017 Forbes Small Giants List 


Management, Operations and Growth Strategies

5 Quick Outsourcing Tips Event When You’re On a Tight Budget, Small Biz Daily. “Does access to a large talent pool attract you? Most importantly, do you want to cut down costs and yet, continue providing high-quality services and products to your customers?”

How Businesses Can Use Chabots to Increase Profits, CrowdSPRING. “Chatbots aren’t just useful for big businesses. Small businesses can take advantage of them too, by harnessing the power of the ever-popular messaging app.”

5 Things to Know About Year-End Bonuses, SBA. “According to Bank of America’s Fall 2017 Small Business Owner Report, 35%of small businesses plan to offer year-end bonuses. These bonuses are an important way to retain good employees, especially during this increasingly tight job market.”

Why is EBITDA So Important?, Smart CEO. “EBITDA is the topmost level of cash flow that is available (or not) for all of the reinvestments that are necessary to enable businesses to grow and to provide returns for owners.  Corporate acquirers, private equity investors, investment bankers and valuation analysts all focus on this important measure of cash flow.”

Startup Success

What Your New Business Should Do in the First Year, Small Biz Daily. “While there might be a number of reasons behind each failure, entrepreneurs should know how to avoid the most common pitfalls. There is no textbook guide to run a business, but there are a few guidelines to consider before starting out.”

7 Plan Elements that Separate Businesses from Hobbies, Startup Professionals. “Based on my experience as an angel investor and a mentor to dozens of entrepreneurs, having no business plan is the quickest way to define yourself as just a dreamer, or at best a hobbyist. Let me be quick to say that a plan doesn’t have be a book, and probably should start as a “pitch deck” of maybe a dozen slides which cover all the right bases.”

Inspiration and Success

A Six Year Old Boy is Making $11 Million a Year On YouTube Reviewing Toys, Business Insider.  “The account began when Ryan, then simply a 4-year-old fan of toy-review videos, asked his parents why he couldn’t also review toys on YouTube.”

Why It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses for What’s Not Working, Success. “Listen to the excuses of truly successful people and one thing will stand out: They don’t make any. Rather, they own their choices and take full responsibility for the results they create, what they do and what they don’t.”


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