“Restoring Internet Freedom” Will Boost Small Business Access to Broadband, Next Gen Innovation

By at 14 December, 2017, 2:27 pm

SBE Council Praises FCC for a Return to Light-Touch Internet Regulation


Washington, D.C. – Today, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) voted to approve Chairman Ajit Pai’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” order.  SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan issued the following statement in response to this action by the FCC to restore a regulatory framework that will unleash more innovative services for entrepreneurs, more investment in broadband infrastructure, and provide small business owners access to broadband, which is essential for their growth and survival:

“Regulating dynamic broadband markets and networks as if they were 1930s-style monopolies made no sense and makes no sense whatsoever. This regulatory mess created under the previous FCC chairman was completely unnecessary. It was a drastic regulation imposed on a problem that did not, and does not, exist. Unfortunately, small internet service providers have suffered, which means their customers have suffered. Investment has also suffered, which means less innovation and less progress in providing small business owners access to broadband in areas of the country that have not be able to experience the benefits and efficiencies of the digital economy.

“Chairman Pai and his fellow commissioners who voted in favor of the order deserve credit for standing up to the personal attacks and death threats, and the ‘end-of-world’ rhetoric from the pro-regulatory crowd.  They have based their actions on sound, real-world economics, as opposed to the political fantasies and ‘what if’ scenarios that pushed these intrusive and unnecessary internet regulations forward in the first place.

“We also thank Chairman Pai for his transparency in allowing the public to view the draft order and providing ample time to comment on it. His actions stand in stark contrast to the previous FCC chairman who did not allow the public to see the language of the order until well after the FCC’s vote. The current FCC, under Chairman Pai’s leadership, has given small businesses and entrepreneurs a voice, and has listened to their concerns. The ‘Restoring Internet Freedom’ order is just the latest example of Chairman Pai’s thoughtful and reality-based approach when it comes to regulatory actions and their impact on the entrepreneurial sector of the U.S. economy.

“Now, we urge Congress to take the next steps and advance a legislative solution that embeds the principles of an open internet into law, which will bring much needed certainty and clarity for consumers, entrepreneurs and the marketplace. This will ensure that investment and innovation will continue to build and fuel a first-class Internet ecosystem for all Americans and the growth of the U.S. economy.”

Last week, SBE Council released a video to explain what it means to return to a “light touch” regulatory regime for the Internet.  Watch the video here.

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