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By at 18 March, 2018, 11:13 am

This week’s roundup of “How To” articles, educational resources and upcoming events, business news and success stories recommended by SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan.

Human Capital and the Workplace

Featured Event

Tweetchat: Sustaining Company Culture in a Changing World

March 22

3:00 p.m. ET

Join SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan for this Oracle SMB Tweetchat that will focus on the importance of creating and establishing workplace culture at small to mid-size businesses and why this is critical to growth and success.  #SMBExpert

Las Vegas is the Top City Where Baby Boomers are Looking for Work at a Small Business, Small Business Trends. “If you think the edge your small business requires can be found by hiring a millennial, think again. You may find more experience will right the ship. You can find this with Baby Boomers. And says Baby Boomers are actively looking to work for a small business all across the country.”

Want to Hire More Inclusively? 5 Best Practices to Show You How, Small Biz Trends. “Here are some best practices that can help you attract more diverse job candidates.”

6 Reasons Why Office Gossip is Bad for Your Business, Startup Professionals. “Every business needs creative energy and collaboration to survive in today’s competitive environment, and these are undermined wherever gossip is present. It only gets worse if you pretend you don’t hear it.”

Why Employer Branding is So Important, Entrepreneur. “Having a reputable employer brand is a must for an organization’s strategy because it helps companies recruit better candidates, reduce hiring and marketing costs, and improve productivity.”

Choke the Churn: How to Prevent Employee Turnover in Startup Businesses, bPlans. “It is important to develop a retention plan right off the bat to keep employee turnover in your small business from becoming a very costly and aggravating expense. Here is how to do it.”


Branding, Marketing and Sales

Marketing Trends for Small Business, Small Biz Daily. “Since marketing is increasingly becoming more competitive and expensive, it is crucial to have a target audience while identifying customer-specific needs. It is also critical for any small business to create customer segments using suitable categories.”

Grow By Creating Markets, Versus Killing Competitors, Startup Professionals. “Business growth by creating new markets is now popularly called the ‘blue ocean strategy,’ based on a classic book with the same name. Perhaps it’s time to take a hard look at your own business growth strategy. It’s a lot more fun to systematically explore new territory, than to endlessly chum the existing sharks.”

7 Proven Reasons Why Good Design is Good Business, CrowdSpring. “In fact, 48% of people surveyed by Tyton Media said that the website design of a business was their number one factor in determining the credibility of that business. So not only is good design directly tied to success, it’s also tied to trust.”

6 Ways Your Best Customers Can Help Market Your Business, SBA. “The concept of brand advocates has been around for decades under many different names. Ken Blanchard called them ‘raving fans;’ Apple dubbed them ‘evangelists.’ Essentially, the idea is the same: A business’s best customers are its most powerful marketing tools.”

Branding for Food Trucks: The Definitive Guide, CrowdSpring. “Deciding how to brand your food truck may be the most important decision you’ll face as a food-on-the-go entrepreneur. A well-branded truck can draw attention to your business all day, every day, everywhere it goes.”

10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business on Etsy, Small Business Trends. “Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY) has been one of the most popular online platforms for handmade and vintage sellers for more than a decade. With nearly 2 million business owners and hobbyists selling their wares, the company is constantly evolving and releasing new tools to support the ecommerce community.”

How Does Your CX Stand Up?, Oracle SMB. “Take this 2-minute assessment to see how you compare to your peers on current proficiency in and preparedness for the future of customer experience.”


SCORE LIVE Webinar: Land More Referrals (Without Asking for Them)

Event Date/Time: March 22, 2018 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT

Are you stuck in the “old way” of getting customer referrals one by one? Break from this unpredictable and inconsistent method of securing your most valuable source of leads.

In this webinar produced by SCORE, a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Founder of the Unstoppable CEO Steve Gordon will provide a new way to get referrals—by leveraging content. You could gain 10 to 50 times more referrals by applying his blueprint. You will learn:

● Why almost everything you’ve been taught about prospecting is a lie

● How to “home grow” clients at will, for attracting, growing and converting new clients

● The secret to getting out of the “feast or famine” cycle of a full client docket today, but none tomorrow

● The #1 most common phrase nearly everyone says to their clients that is a mistake

● When it’s the perfect time to ask for a referral, how you should ask and what you should say



Startups and Market Trends

The Hottest Sectors for Launching a Business in 2018, Inc. “Got the entrepreneurial bug? Think about launching in these sectors, based on analyst data and interviews with industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs.”

Success and Personal Improvement

5 Keys to Real Business Engagement – Be a Disrupter, Startup Professionals. “These [the disrupters] are ones behind many of the modern game-changing companies, like Pinterest and Foursquare. He notes that they all seem to exhibit a special extra focus on preparedness, duality (one foot in reality and the other foot out), and a keen self-awareness of what they have and what they want.”

This Female Founder Just Raised $19 Million to Pick Your Kids Up From School, Forbes. “There are 63 million families in the U.S., and mothers spend over a billion hours driving their children around and taking them to school. Even more critically, 41% of mothers find it very difficult to advance in their careers because of childcare needs. Her vision as CEO of Zūm was to create the biggest ally for working mothers — providing safe, reliable rides for kids.”

How to Excel as a Mentor or Mentee, Success. “Mentoring is how we spread our influence, transfer our wisdom and allow others to take part in our experiences.”

A Man Who Studied Rich People for Five Years Found They Avoid One Type of Person, Business Insider. “The bottom line: Negativity will derail you from pursuing success, and like attracts like. Avoid the pessimists and start hanging out with the optimists.”


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