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Tips, Trends and Business Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

Here’s the latest roundup of the best content, “how to” information, and tips from a variety of our favorite sources and experts. In addition: upcoming webinars, policy news, and inspirational success stories.

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Top Small Business Influencers of 2018 – Fit Small Business

The Fit Small Business “Small Business Influencers 2018” list includes small business leaders who “present helpful business, management, and financial tips to small business owners right from the experts themselves.” Those selected for the list have outstanding credentials, expertise, and skills pertaining to entrepreneurial success, as well as an impressive quantity of social media followers. Follow all of the experts on the list, or sign up for their newsletters.

Marketplace Trends 

Big Banks Bullish on Lending to Small Businesses, Biz2Credit Reports, Small Business Trends. “With lenders across all sectors approving more loans, entrepreneurs with their first startup or established small business owners now have more growth and expansion opportunities.” 

HOT MARKET: Start a Senior Business, Small Biz Daily. “Trendy millennial and Generation Z consumers, move aside. There’s a new consumer in town (well, actually, an old one): senior citizens. Yes, the demographic incorporating the baby boomers is still a force to be reckoned with. Here’s what you need to know about starting a senior business.”

The Greening of America, Small Biz Daily. “Since 2016 there’s been a surge in the sale of flowers, seeds and potted plants, according to the Commerce Department. This trend coincides with the delay in buying homes by millennials, according to The Los Angeles Times.”  

Management and Operations 

What Small Businesses Should Know About Tariffs, Small Business Administration (SBA). “Small businesses should become familiar with what imported products are impacted to make informed business decisions as tariffs could increase the total cost of certain imported goods.” There is a process provided by the federal government to request waivers, and this blog post provides links to that information and related resources.

What the Big Banks Won’t Tell You About Business Loans, Inc. “An SBA-backed loan could be a great option for your business. But you can’t count on big banks to help you, new research shows.”

7 Scams that Plague Small Businesses and How to Protect Yours, Small Biz Daily.  “Small business owners are often handling too many things on their own, and lack of training of employees can lead to devastating consequences for your business. Here are some scams that you should be on the lookout for as a small business owner.”

WEBINAR: E-mail Authentication Basics

August 14, 2018      2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. ET

Presented by National Cyber Security Alliance

Join NCSA to learn about how to protect yourself and your business with basic email authentication. What is it? How do you do it? How do you set up company-wide guidelines? Resources are available to help you improve the cybersecurity of your business. 

Learn more or register here. 


CONFERENCE: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Invention-Con 2018 – August 17-18


Sponsored by: United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Alexandria, VA 

Invention-Con 2018 is a free, two-day independent inventors’ conference to inform and equip inventors and small businesses with intellectual property know-how!

The Agenda for Invention-Con 2018 is full of hot topics of interest for inventors and entrepreneurs and the speakers assembled are ready to share their expertise and personal experiences with patents and trademarks. Learn from successful business owners and inventors who will relate their personal experiences of bringing their ideas to market.

For the full agenda and FREE Registration informationclick here.

3 Big Reasons to Rethink Retirement Plans, Barbara Weltman. “Qualified retirement plans aren’t just for large corporations. There are a number of compelling reasons for small businesses to consider adopting a plan now or revising your current plan.”

Marketing, Branding and Sales Growth

Your Local Farmer’s Market: The Ideal Testing Ground, SBE Council. “There are some terrific entrepreneurial success stories where humble beginnings can be traced to the local farmer’s market. It all makes sense, right? Food and product entrepreneurs get to personally see and hear how customers respond to their creations, and act on that feedback.” Read success stories and find resources in this Small Business Insider blog post.

Secrets to Getting More Traffic for Your Small Business Website Revealed, Small Business Trends. “Here are some tips and tricks ranging from content creation to SEO to social media from digital marketing experts around the web.”

8 Ways to Ensure that Your Website is Winning for You, Startup Professionals. “It’s hard to be successful in any business when your customers can’t find you, or they find you and still can’t figure out whether your solution works for them. Thus I was surprised to see in a recent CNBC survey that 45 percent of small businesses still don’t have a website. These are missing a major opportunity to be found instantly via the Internet, locally and around the world.”

7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Re-Design Your Small Business Website, CrowdSpring. “If you’re like most small businesses, your website is outdated, and not helping you to increase revenues and sales. Even worse, your website might be completely disconnected from the brand you’ve been building… Your website may not be working as well as you’d like now, but you’re only one redesign away from one that does.”

Want to Sell More with Fewer Sales People? Track These Four Types of Data, Small Biz Daily. “Today, there’s more data than ever. There are also more powerful business intelligence and automation tools than ever. So, while the issue of salespeople may persist, the issue of sales doesn’t have to. By tracking these four types of data and investing in the right tools, companies can drive sales – even without salespeople.”

WEBINAR: Boost Your Local Search Results With a Better Online Presence

SCORE Webinar         August 16, 2018    1:00 p.m. ET

Do you want to get your business found online locally? Does search engine optimization seem too complicated and time consuming for your small business?

This webinar, presented by Noah Turner with Deluxe, will focus on what you need to know to optimize your website for local searches. It will take a step by step look at what you should do to be found in your local area and why that matters.

You will learn:

● What you need to know about search engine optimization (SEO)

● What to change on your website for better local search results

● What off-site optimization is and tips to improve your off-site presence

● Steps you can do today to improve your website

Learn more or register here.


Startups and Entrepreneurship

5 Indications You Can Survive Startup Failures, Startup Professionals. “Very few entrepreneurs are born with the resilience needed. Yet, it is something any startup founder can acquire as an advantage in the ever-more-competitive business world. A good part of it is fighting the urge to revert back to our comfort zones, and fall back into old habits.”

Competitive Advantage, SBA Training Course (Online). “What sets you apart from your competition? Learn how to get a competitive advantage with this course. Learn how to brand, study your competition, identify customers and their preferences, create pricing strategies and much more. Leverage the uniqueness of your business to create a real competitive advantage.”

50 Small Businesses to Start in a Shipping Container, Small Business Trends. “Due to high construction costs and new innovations in architecture, more and more companies are turning to non-traditional facilities to house their business operations. Shipping containers in particular can be very utilitarian and cost effective.”

Policy and Politics

Outdated TCPA a Barrier to Small Business Growth and Success, Morning Consult. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted in 1991 and is in serious need of an update. As SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan details in op-ed, the TCPA is fueling lawsuits against small businesses and undermines their ability to effectively communicate with their customers, clients or patients. The TCPA needs to be reformed to “draw a clear distinction between the actions of bad guys and the legitimate calls and texts sent by companies that are communicating in good faith with their customers,” writes Kerrigan.

Who’s In, Out in Small Business Tax Break? It’s Complicated, Associated Press. “Architects and engineers are still in. Accountants, doctors and lawyers remain out — mostly. New rules floated by the Trump administration lay out what kinds of businesses can take a 20 percent deduction against income taxes under the new tax law.”

IRS Provides Guidance on 20% Pass-Through Deduction but Questions Remain, Forbes. “Let’s take a look at the good and bad of the proposed regulations, but first, let’s start with the basic structure of Section 199A.”

Success and Inspiration

How Stitch Fix’s Katrina Lake Built a $3 Billion Business, Forbes. “As the youngest female founder ever to take a company public and CEO of the only female-led tech IPO of 2017, Katrina Lake understands the upside of being underestimated. Her company, Stitch Fix, the online personal styling service, has consistently defied skeptical investors since the company’s inception in 2011. Having raised a mere $42 million in venture investment, Lake has built a $3 billion-dollar shopping business by revolutionizing the traditional shopping experience.”

Harvard Study Reveals One Word is the Secret to Being Likable and Emotionally Intelligent, Inc. “Some things are so simple that we just can’t help complicating them. Here’s one area where you absolutely need to keep it simple.”

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