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Here’s the latest roundup of the best content, “how to” information, and tips from a variety of our favorite sources and experts. In addition: upcoming webinars, policy news, and inspirational success stories.

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Featured Content 

Want to Track This Year’s Business Trends? Look to America’s Fastest-Growing Companies 

The Inc. 500 List Offers a Window Onto the Business Landscape of America

“There are lots of reasons to appreciate the annual Inc. 500 list. If your company is on it, it’s unparalleled recognition of your years of hard work and sacrifice. From an economic point of view, it’s a valuable tool for analyzing where growth and job creation is happening in the United States.” 


Financing and Money

7 Keys to the Investor Challenge for Your New Venture, Startup Professionals. “Even if you decide to bootstrap or fund your own startup, the steps I recommend for preparation and execution are still valuable, since you are thus the key investor, and will benefit from the proper disciple on plan preparation, industry interaction, and customer involvement.”

SCORE Webinar:  Where’s the Money? 10 Small Business Loan Types and How To Qualify

August 23, 2018

1:00 p.m.  ET

There are over 44 different types of small business financing, so business owners often find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed looking for financing. It’s easy to end up chasing the financing that’s marketed best to you — not the one that’s best for your business, or the one you can actually get.

This webinar, presented by Gerri Detweiler with Nav, will help you identify the financing that’s right for you based on your current qualifications.

You’ll learn about the top 10 types of small business financing, including:

●  Typical lender requirements for each type of financing

●  How to prepare for financing and increase your approval odds

●  A simple way to avoid costly surprises

●  Financing options if you don’t have good credit or are just starting out

●  Common credit obstacles and ways to overcome them

You’ll leave this webinar understanding types of financing available to your business now, as well as steps you can take to get additional financing in the future. Register Here.

How to Find Money Based on Your New Venture Progress, Startup Professionals. “Contrary to popular opinion, all investor money is not the same. Friends and family believe in you, and only want to see you achieve success. Angel investors probably will know your business, and want to be mentors along the way. VCs normally come with the highest expectations of board seats, controlling votes, and milestones to meet.”

Sales and Marketing 

13 Powerful Ways You Can Manage Customer Expectations Better to Grow Your Business Faster Than Ever, CrowdSpring. “If you want to create the best possible customer experience, your marketing has to play a proactive role to define and then meet or exceed your customers’ expectations. If interacting with your business regularly produces pleasurable reactions, you’ll see customers coming back again and again.” 

7 Lead-Generations Tactics that Thrive on Limited Budgets, Startup Professionals. “Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new startup, or even a more mature business charged with improving your growth and competitive posture, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that the new social media initiatives and focus on viral will mitigate your need to do proactive lead generation.”

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research, Duct Tape Marketing. “While many people think of this type of thing as a technical aspect of search engine optimization (SEO), I would like to suggest that it’s so much more. If fact, the practice of SEO has changed so dramatically over the last few years that you must revisit everything you think you know about SEO, and that starts with revisiting how you think about keyword research.”

How to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews, Entrepreneur. “For starters, it’s important to be able to differentiate between a fake and real review. Typically, fake reviews will have a vicious or even aggressive tone, and they’ll also have general criticisms rather than specific ones. Authentic reviews usually provide specific reasons why they are writing reviews in the first place.”

Management, Operations and Growth Strategies 

Say These 7 Words When Employees Bring You Their Problems, Forbes. “Now, when an employee brings us a work problem, asking them ‘What’s your plan for solving this issue?’ is one of the best ways to respond constructively. Why?”

7 Simple Ways to Ensure Your Business Gets Paid On Time, Small Biz Daily. “Considering the fact that over 25% of all invoices are paid late, the issue is quite common, and likely one your business will experience at some point. It seems like such a preventable problem, yet so many small businesses, freelancers, and contractors struggle to cope with the financial strains placed on them by negligent customers and needlessly late payments.”

Global Payments Demystified: How Merchants are Profiting from Digital Wallets, Forbes. “The digital wallet is playing a significant role for online businesses eyeing global expansion, according to Braintree’s 2018 Global Payments Report, which Braintree has released in conjunction with Euromonitor. By assessing the level of penetration and usage of various alternative payment methods within key countries around the world, the report delivers valuable insights to businesses that are currently operating in those markets and looking to expand.”

SCORE Webinar:  Unlock Your Potential With an Accurate Business Valuation

August 23, 2018

2:00 p.m. ET

Business owners have a lot to focus on in order to grow and protect their businesses, and research shows 70% of business owners frequently or often think about the value of their business.

In this webinar hosted by MassMutual, you will gain insights from leading industry experts on how valuation affects exit strategies, retirement, and the unique family dynamics that business owners face. Learn more and register here. 

How to Tweak Your Hiring Practices to Fit Today’s Tough Job Market, Inc. “If your business doesn’t come up with creative ways to adapt to the changing environment, you’re likely to be left behind.”

Your Sideline Business Better Be For Profit, Big Ideas for Small Business. “Those engaged in activities within the gig economy may face IRS challenges if their expenses exceed their income.”

Success and Inspiration 

Katz’s Deli, Secrets Behind Keeping a 130-Year Old Business Alive, Fox Business. “For third-generation deli man Jake Dell working out the kinks in running a small business never really goes away, whether it’s been around for 130 years or 130 days. The 31-year-old is now the owner of the iconic Katz’s Delicatessen, which he has been tasked with turning into a profitable and thriving 21st century brand without losing its iconic New York roots that go back all the way to 1888.”

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