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Tips, Trends and Resources for Entrepreneurs

This week’s roundup of “How To” articles, educational resources and upcoming events, business news and success stories recommended by SBE Council President & CEO Karen Kerrigan.

Small Business Resource of the Month – SBA Guide to Emergency Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month, and with Hurricane Season upon us as well as the coming of winter, it is an important time to make or review your disaster/emergency plan.

An estimated 25 percent of businesses don’t open again after a major disaster, according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety. Protect your small business by identifying the risks relevant to your location, both natural and man-made. Then, keep your plan of action updated.  Visit the SBA website for resources and how to get started for developing a plan of action here.

The Office of Homeland Security also has an extensive list of tips and guides here.

Sales and Revenue Growth

Go Global! It’s Getting Easier for Small Businesses and the Insatiable Demand for U.S. Goods and Products Keeps Growing

Peter Cazamias, SBA Director of the Office of International Trade, talks about the significant growth in the global marketplace and how small businesses can tap into this opportunity. He also discusses SBA resources that can help you take your business globalListen to the SBE Council-Forbes Books Radio podcast here.

SCORE Webinar: Win Corporate Clients – 3 Strategies that Will Drive B2B Sales

September 11, 2018     1:00 p.m. ET

Do you want to significantly expand your revenue with coveted B2B clients, such as mid-market companies, large corporations, colleges, and/or non-profits?

This webinar will lay out a proven three-part framework that turns common “wisdom” from the last decade on its head and can increase your revenue tenfold when applied.

Participants will discover:

● How to create consistent, predictable revenue in your business

● What costs you unnecessary money when it comes to winning B2B clients

● How to put an end to the “feast-or-famine” cycle for good and have a 15-month pipeline of lucrative prospects

● The secret to getting 5-20 times higher results out of every marketing effort in which you invest

● The #1 thing to say to every prospect that turns them into a loyal, raving client

● The “1-2-3 Rule” of business development that increases your revenue 10 times year over year

Learn more or register for the webinar here.

New Square Reader Takes Payments on Computers and iPhones with No Adapter Needed, Small Business Trends. “The new Square Reader for magstripe will remove yet another friction point by letting you accept payments on your Apple and Chromebook computers as well as iPhone 7, 8, or X without an adapter for a magstripe reader.”

5 Powerful Psychological Triggers that Can Help You Improve Your Marketing to Increase Sales and Profits, CrowdSpring. “Most human behavior can be at least partially attributed to deep-set psychological traits or triggers. We may have control over our actions, but science has shown that we have cognitive biases and can be persuaded to take specific actions.”

It’s 2018: Do You Have a Business Website Yet? Small Biz Daily.  We can’t believe we still have to post articles like this, but 36% of small business owners still don’t have a website. Hopefully, this piece, which covers the many ways you are missing out, will prompt immediate action.

Growing a Services Business Requires Selling Yourself, Startup Professionals. “You are the ultimate critical success factor for your [services] business. Are you ready to make it happen?”

How a Strong Logo and Brand Can Help Your Etsy Store Thrive, CrowdSpring. “Whether you’re rebranding a store you launched a few years ago or are starting a new store, read on to learn about ways you can transform your Etsy store into an attractive and memorable experience for your prospective customers.”

Operations and Management

Need More Hours Every day to Grow Your Business? Then Quit These 7 Time Wasters, Entrepreneur. “Successful founders know how to manage their time well. They make room for work and play, limiting their stress levels by staying focused on the things that matter.”

SCORE Webinar: 4 Secrets to Grow Your Business Independent of Your Role

September 13, 2018    1:00 p.m. ET

Are you tired of the pressure and anxiety of having your business’s success or failure hinge on your personal role in the company? Do you want to grow your company beyond your own personal production for the business?

If so, join Wall Street Journal bestselling author David Finkel as he shares with you four simple secrets to grow your business and get your life back.

You’ll learn:

● The 3 most important steps to reduce your business’s reliance on you

● What traps most business owners into 60+ hour work weeks

● A concrete structure to create systems for your business

● How to protect yourself from the loss of a key employee

● The single most important step you can take this week to take back your time

Learn more or register for the webinar here.

10 Tips for Looking at Common Business Issues in a Completely New Way, Small Business Trends. “Running a business requires plenty of creating thinking and problem solving. But even the most unique minds can get stuck from time to time. So if you’ve fallen into a rut or routine, here are some tips from members of the small business community to help you look at some common business issues in a new or different way.”

Terminating Your S Election?, Big Ideas for Small Business. “The flat 21% tax rate on the profits of a C corporation has left many S corporations thinking about revoking their election. Certainly for some S corporations, this action could save taxes. But if you’re the owner of an S corporation considering a revocation of pass-through status, be sure you understand all the ins and outs of this decision. These include both tax and non-tax matters.” 

Startups and Entrepreneurship 

A Startup That Imitates, With Innovation, Often Wins, Startup Professionals. “Many of the major business successes started this way. McDonalds didn’t invent the fast food model – they simply improved on the cookie-cutter White Castle process. Before Wal-Mart made the low-cost high-volume business model famous, there was Ben Franklin and Two Guys who touted it way back following World War II. And we all know Facebook didn’t invent social media. The advantage of imitation, with innovation, is that it gives you a solid base for building experience.” 

Launch Your Brand Successfully With these 4 Optimization Tactics, Small Biz Daily. “To help you in having a successful brand launch, here are the top four tactics to employ.”

Startups that Overlook the Cost of Sales…Fail! Entrepreneur. “How much did that sale cost? What about the reorder? Until you know that you don’t know if you’re making money.”

The Weird Reason You Should Launch Your Business in September, Inc. “Why? Because on average, people get far more work accomplished during autumn than any other season.”

Marketplace Trends

Throwing Shade(s): From Clothes to Cosmetics, Consumers Crave Color, Small Biz Daily. “Are you a clothing retailer? Do you sell cosmetics? You should already be stocking up on fall fashions and palettes. Millennial pink is no longer the go-to color for fall, says fashion magazine Marie Claire. Instead, it says, look for merchandise in these four shades…”

Personal Improvement

How to Keep Your Business From Running Your Life, Startup Professionals. “I find that many entrepreneurs can’t get over their ego, or their fears, that the business can’t operate without them. Some are just stuck. Let me assure you that your best path to business success, as well as your personal satisfaction, is to work on making your business work without you, rather than working harder on the business.”

Protecting Small Business, Promoting Entrepreneurship

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