Advocate for Entrepreneurs Welcomes Members of the 116th Congress

By at 3 January, 2019, 3:49 pm


Kerrigan Urges bipartisan collaboration to boost U.S. entrepreneurship and strong small business growth


Washington, D.C. – The nation’s leading advocate for entrepreneurs and small businesses welcomed the 116th Congress, and urged all members to find common ground on issues that will bolster U.S. entrepreneurship and small business growth.  Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) president & CEO Karen Kerrigan said there are many issues that Democrats and Republicans can work on together to strengthen the economy and policy ecosystem for startups and small businesses.

“A new Congress means fresh opportunities to address bipartisan solutions that will provide entrepreneurs and small businesses with the policies and environment they need to succeed and grow. We welcome every member of the 116th Congress and look forward to many collaborative opportunities on legislation to resolve the pain points of small business owners and entrepreneurs. There is much work to be done to restore strong levels of entrepreneurship and to fix a range of regulatory, health care, capital access, trade, workforce and tax issues that are barriers to small business growth.  I especially look forward to meeting with all the new members of the House and Senate to hear their ideas in support of America’s entrepreneurial sector,” said Kerrigan.

According to Kerrigan, there are many solid bipartisan bills that unfortunately died in the pipeline in the 115th Congress.  These legislative solutions are still needed, according to Kerrigan, as they address the key concerns of small business owners such as: high health insurance costs, tax code complexity, regulatory burden and access to startup and growth capital, to name a few issues.

“It was shame that the Senate could not finish the job on JOBS Act 3.0 – the massively bipartisan capital access package – and that the clock ran out on small business regulatory reform and extending the moratorium on the health insurance tax, which fortunately can still be addressed,” said Kerrigan. “There were also bills that deserved more attention, such as the bipartisan ‘Small Business Tax Simplification Act’ that we hope this Congress will take up,” she added.

In addition to the issues mentioned above, Kerrigan said her group and its members will also support efforts to strengthen intellectual property (IP) protections, open global markets to small businesses, including passage of the USMCA and other trade agreements. The group will also push for a national privacy legislation given activity in the states to advance their own regulatory regimes on data privacy, which she calls a “potential compliance nightmare” for small businesses and that digital consumers need clarity and certainty.  In addition, Kerrigan said the group will continue its focus on quality broadband access, infrastructure legislation and various regulatory changes on a host of issues.

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