SBE Council Releases “2019 Policy Agenda For Entrepreneurs and Small Business”

By at 16 January, 2019, 12:09 pm


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Washington, D.C. – America’s top advocacy group for entrepreneurs and small business released its 2019 policy agenda to boost entrepreneurial risk-taking and strong small business growth. The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council’s (SBE Council’s) “2019 Policy Agenda for Entrepreneurs and Small Business” focuses on a variety of policies to help make the U.S. more globally competitive for all U.S. businesses, especially small businesses, and to revitalize the ecosystem for entrepreneurial activity.

“Entrepreneurs and small businesses need economic growth and momentum to continue. Small business owners remain confident about their businesses and growth in 2019, but policies need to create tailwinds not headwinds. It is more important than ever that the 116th Congress stay the course on pro-growth policy and work together to continually improve the business environment. The uncertainties surrounding the tariff situation and partial government shutdown have the potential to dramatically disrupt momentum, but we are hopeful these issues will soon be resolved. Congress and President Trump need to find common areas to support entrepreneurs and economic growth, and fortunately there are many of these areas to focus on,” said SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan.

As noted within the 2019 Policy Agenda, SBE Council anticipates a break in the pace of pro-growth policies that have been enacted over the past two years, but that does not mean bipartisan action is not possible:

The key to small business competitiveness and healthy entrepreneurship hinge on strong and sustainable economic growth. That means policies must continue to lift government-imposed barriers, and encourage capital formation and investment. To that end, SBE Council will urge President Trump and Congress to prioritize their agendas in key areas where bipartisan consensus is possible to ensure that small businesses and startups have every opportunity to succeed in 2019.

Areas where such bipartisan consensus exist include legislative solutions that address access to capital, tax simplification for small businesses and the gig economy, repeal or an extension of the current moratorium of the health insurance tax (which raises insurance costs for small businesses), establishing national data privacy rules, federal government procurement [access] issues, intellectual property protection, broadband access, an infrastructure package, and targeted regulatory reforms.  Kerrigan is hopeful for action in other critical areas as well.

“We are hopeful that we can build support for expanding global market access for small businesses through new trade agreements and advancing USMCA.  Solutions that improve capital access and capital formation have strong bipartisan support, as witnessed by the 406-4 vote in the House last year on JOBS Act 3.0. Lowering health coverage costs by repealing or extending the moratorium on the health insurance tax has solid bipartisan support, and we know how important it is to all Members of Congress that their constituents have access to quality broadband. These issues, and more, must be the focus of their efforts,” added Kerrigan.

Kerrigan noted that the 2019 Policy Agenda addresses costly threats that the organization and its members will push back on, including tax increases, single-payer health care proposals and legislative initiatives that vastly expand regulation and the scope of government.

The 2019 Policy Agenda for Entrepreneurs and Small Business will be updated regularly with specific legislation (once introduced), emerging issues, and new proposals.

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