Here’s How “Medicare for All” Would Outlaw Private Healthcare Plans

By at 21 January, 2019, 2:24 pm

In the Washington Examiner –

It’s true! Under leading single-payer “Medicare for All” proposals, all Americans would receive their health coverage through the government. As SBE Council has pointed out in our Fact Checks and blog posts about these proposals, private coverage would be eliminated. The only type of plans that would be allowed in the marketplace include those that cover procedures that are not “medically necessary” like cosmetic surgery.

In a Washington Examiner Op-ed, Philip Klein, executive editor of the Examiner reviews Senator Bernie Sanders’s bill and points to the sections that would outlaw private coverage:

“It’s crystal clear the bill would eliminate every existing private insurance policy within four years, which would mean about 180 million individuals would have to give up the insurance they currently purchase on their own or through their employers.”

In response to those that say the elimination of private coverage under these proposals is “false” and misleading, Klein notes further:

“So, to sum up, the plan sponsored by five leading Democratic presidential contenders would automatically enroll every person in a government plan at birth, eliminate existing private insurance for 180 million Americans within four years, and bar insurers from covering a wide swath of medical benefits thereafter.”

Most Americans are happy with their health coverage. It makes absolutely no sense to cancel the health coverage of 180 million Americans in order to address costs and access issues that smart reforms can resolve, and are now beginning to address.

For additional information, please visit SBE Council’s “Single Payer” Information Center.

Karen Kerrigan is president & CEO, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

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