Small Business Accelerator: National Entrepreneurship Week Special Edition

By at 17 February, 2019, 11:02 am

Tips, Trends and Market Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

By Karen Kerrigan-

National Entrepreneurship Week is February 16-23. This week-long observance is a congressionally-chartered event dedicated to showcasing entrepreneurship and its importance to the United States economy.

You can follow all the action on Twitter @NatlEshipweek or #NatlEshipWeek

This week’s Small Business Accelerator provides useful content, advice, and ideas for your startup – or if you plan on opening a business in the future.

The Basics

How to Start a Business: A Step-by-Step Complete Guide, CrowdSpring. “Businesses that survive and thrive have an unfair advantage. They’re started and run by people who are prepared for what’s ahead of them. If you want an unfair advantage, we’re here to help you get started.” Here’s a 12-step complete guide on how to start a business.

10 Steps to Start Your Business, Small Business Administration. The SBA’s guide to planning, making key financial decisions, and completing a series of legal activities.

The Good News About How Much Money You Need to Start Your Business, Inc.  “It’s probably not as much as you think.”

Business Plan Template [Updated for 2019], Bplans. A free downloadable template. “This template has been used by universities such as Princeton and Babson to teach entrepreneurs how to start businesses. It’s also been used by over 500,000 businesses to write business plans for bank loans, venture capital and angel investments, business expansion, and even business sales.” Accompanying article on “how to write a business plan.”

SCORE’s Business Plan Template for Startup Businesses, SCORE. “Writing a business plan is an opportunity to carefully think through every step of starting your company so you can prepare for success.”

Solopreneurs Can Grow Faster and Smarter with a Lean Business Plan, Bplans. “Even if you’re not thinking about writing a traditional business plan for a bank loan or investor pitch, creating a simple business plan that can act as your strategic roadmap can help you make better business decisions.”

How to Do Market Research: A 6-Step Guide, HubSpot. “Whether you’re a newbie or experienced with market research, this guide will give you a blueprint for conducting a thorough study of your product, target audience, and how you fare in your industry.”

The Required

Businesses Without a Website are the “Walking Dead,” Startup Professionals. “There should be no doubt that an Internet presence is as basic to success in business today, as brick and mortar was a hundred years ago.”

How to Create an Expense Budget, Bplans – Tim Berry. “One of the fundamentals of good business management is managing expenses. That starts with an expense budget. Set your budget as a goal, then review and revise often to stay on track.”

How to Write a Tagline for Your Business, Small Biz Trends. “A good tagline should communicate your company’s message quickly and effectively, helping your target customers understand how you can help them in a way that’s easy to remember.”

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing, Neil Patel. “Unfortunately, the “build it and they will come” theory doesn’t hold much weight and those overnight success stories you hear about are often the result of behind the scenes years of hard work. Simply put, startup marketing is a unique challenge often times because of the limited resources, whether it’s time, money or talent.”

The Ultimate Startup Marketing Strategy for Incredible Growth, Venture Harbor. “Successful startup marketing requires that you have both a great product and great marketing. For that reason, I’ve focused this guide on both customer acquisition and improving your product-market fit.”

5 SEO Tips to Maximize Your Startups Visibility, Small Biz Daily. “In the digital era, the basic rule for business success is to effectively use SEO to engage customers, establish your brand, and drive profitability.”

Events This Week

SBA Instagram Live Event    February 22    1:00 p.m. ET

Instagram Live Q&A with Allen Gutierrez 

If you’re thinking about starting or growing your small business and don’t know where to start, SBA’s Allen Gutierrez, Associate Administrator, Office of Entrepreneurial Development, has a message for you. Do you still have burning questions about entrepreneurial development? Join Allen during National Entrepreneurship Week for a live Q&A on SBA’s Instagram  story February 20 from 2:00-2:30 p.m. ET.

Watch Allen’s message.


WEBINAR:  E-Commerce Marketing 101



February 21, 2019   1:00 p.m. ET

Are you starting or growing an online business? Do you need advice about selling on eBay, Amazon, Shopify and other channels? Then, join SCORE’s second “Live Q&A: Masters of Marketing” webinar to get your ecommerce and marketing questions answered—LIVE!

Guest expert entrepreneurs are John Lawson, online selling expert and CEO of ColderICE Media, and Ramon Ray, founder of Smart Hustle Magazine. Both are serial entrepreneurs, marketing leaders, best-selling authors and global speakers.

The full hour will be dedicated to your questions. Submit your questions via the registration form or bring them to this interactive Q&A session.

Be sure to watch the first Live Q&A: Masters of Marketing with Seth Godin and Ramon Ray.

To register for this FREE webinar, click here.

Things to Think About

10 Cash Flow Surprises that Could Kill Your Startup, Entrepreneur. “The sad truth is that cash-flow surprises kill many startups. Overall, 90 percent of small-business failures are caused by poor-cash flow, according to Dunn & Bradstreet. To prevent becoming part of the 90 percent, you’ll need to maintain a certain reverence for cash.”

How to Find the Right Business Partner for Your Startup, Business News Daily. “Think you’ve found the perfect business partner? Based on their experiences, our sources offered a few pieces of advice for a fruitful and productive partnership.”

10 Clues that a New Business May Not Be Your Passion, Startup Professionals. “If you recognize yourself in these clues…you probably won’t have as much fun running a startup as Sir Richard Branson always seems to be having. You don’t even have to try the entrepreneur lifestyle to know if these points are likely to be a problem for you.”

Karen Kerrigan is president & CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.

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