Advocate for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Applauds Ruling by U.S. Supreme Court on “Excessive Fines”

By at 20 February, 2019, 11:58 pm


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Washington, D.C. – On February 20, 2019, the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that states must also abide by the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment, which bans excessive fines.  Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the majority opinion in the Timbs v. Indiana case.

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) president & CEO Karen Kerrigan issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision:

“Small business owners have long been the victims of abusive civil forfeiture practices, and we applaud this decision by the Supreme Court. The wrongful seizure of property – in this case a vehicle from Tysons Timbs – is not an isolated incident, which is highly disturbing. The lives of our fellow citizens are disrupted and sometimes destroyed by unwarranted seizures. Today’s Supreme Court decision is a win for property rights, fairness and freedom,” said SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan.

Read the media statement, which provides background on the case, from the Institute for Justice. The group represented Tyson Timbs in this case.

The U.S Chamber of Commerce submitted an Amicus Curiae brief supporting the Petitioners, which can be read here.

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