Advocate for Entrepreneurs Applauds Latest FCC Action and President’s Support on 5G Deployment, and Broadband Access for Rural Small Businesses

By at 12 April, 2019, 3:03 pm


                     “5G will create astonishing and thrilling opportunities.”

                          – President Trump, April 12, 2019, The White House

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Washington, D.C. – Today, following an open meeting at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) where several important orders were voted on to further boost 5G deployment, Chairman Ajit Pai attended a White House event with President Donald Trump where he highlighted the Commission’s progress on the “Facilitate America’s Superiority in 5G Technology” (5G FAST Plan), and unveiled a fund to bring high-speed internet access to more rural consumers and small businesses. According to Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) president and CEO Karen Kerrigan, these initiatives are critical to entrepreneurship and economic opportunity in rural America and the competitiveness of all small businesses across the country. Combined with the smart policy groundwork the FCC has already established, today’s actions will help the U.S. continue to lead the world in private-sector 5G deployment.

“5G will be transformative for small businesses.” FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr – Mr. 5G – joined our podcast in September to discuss the promise of 5G and important steps the FCC is pursuing to “win the race” to 5G. Click above to listen.

“On top of the vital work that has already been completed by the FCC under the leadership of Chairman Pai to facilitate and clear the way for 5G deployment and innovative-enabling investment, today’s spectrum auction announcement along with action to unclutter outdated red tape will help maintain America’s lead on 5G. The $20.4 billion Rural Digital Opportunity Fund will bring more Americans into the digital economy, which is so very critical to entrepreneurship and economic revitalization in these areas,” said Kerrigan.

The FCC also voted to advance other actions on outdated policies that will lower rural phone rates and eliminate outdated regulations.

“Chairman Pai’s leadership has been audacious and steadfast. As a result, the private sector has been unleashed to innovate and invest in broadband deployment and upgrades that are benefiting small businesses and startups. More investment, more internet speed, and more access. Light touch regulation is paving the way for more investment, and smart policies being pursued and enacted by the FCC to streamline rules and lower barriers to 5G deployment are working,” added Kerrigan.

The Market is Leading America’s 5G Revolution

Indeed, both in words and policy, Chairman Pai’s belief in the ingenuity of America’s entrepreneurs and businesses is producing results. And as he noted in remarks this morning: “I strongly believe that the market, not government, is best positioned to drive innovation and investment in wireless technologies.”  The FCC’s current policy approach is allowing this dynamic to occur, according to Kerrigan.

President Trump concurred with this approach as he noted at the White House event today that a government-driven approach “Won’t be nearly as good or as fast.”

Kerrigan concluded:

“We applaud President Trump’s leadership and support of the FCC’s important work, which has vigorously advanced smart policies and removed barriers to deployment so the private sector can focus on investment and innovation. This policy approach must continue, and it is vital that state and local governments follow the FCC’s lead and lower costly barriers to 5G’s deployment and rollout. The only thing potentially standing in the way of 5G rollout – and therefore access – is outdated government policy or local governments intruding in this critical area through excessive red tape, new taxes, or the micromanagement of deployment. If that happens, local residents and small businesses in these areas are the ones who will suffer.”

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