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By at 16 April, 2019, 1:57 pm

2019 National Small Business Week Virtual Conference

May 7-May 8    11:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. ET (each day)

Registration is FREE for this 2-Day Event

The conference will be hosted entirely over the internet and allow users to connect with industry experts, mentors and fellow business owners via a virtual, interactive environment.  This event will include eight free educational webinars, one-on-one mentoring sessions, exhibitor booths, prize giveaways and networking chat rooms to provide you information to succeed as a small business owner.

In addition to the webinars, you can also visit exhibit booths and collect free resources from Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, ADP, Lockheed Martin, UPS Store, SBA, SCORE and more.

Visit the virtual conference home page here to view a schedule of events and live webinars.

Management & Operations

10 Tech Tools Your Business Should Start Using Right Now, Small Biz Daily. “These days, technology and business go hand in hand. New apps that solve age-old problems appear every day, so it pays to be nimble and in the know. The top-10 apps described above are just the tip of the iceberg, but using them in your business is a way to make it so much more effective with minimum upfront investment.”

Your Travel Expenses Away from Home, Big Ideas for Small Business. “You can deduct travel costs while away from home in the pursuit of business. These costs include your lodging, meals (subject to a 50% limit), dry cleaning and laundry, and other expenses. But the key to deductibility is being ‘away from home.’”

The Nine Most Common Rookie Mistakes New Managers Don’t Realize They’re Making, Inc. “Most people are terrible managers at first. One huge Gallup study found only one in 10 of us have the natural skills to be a great manager straight out of the gate.”

Startups & Entrepreneurship

Three Pieces of Advice to Ignore if You Want to Boost Your Startup’s Growth, Forbes. “Some ideas are obviously ridiculous, such as the notion that you should ‘never hire an employee.’ Yet others may seem somewhat logical at first glance. How, then, do you know which growth strategy recommendations to trust and which to jettison?”

Create a Plan for Your Business with a Powerful “GPS”

SCORE Webinar:  April 18   1:00 p.m. ET

The best ideas combined with great passion and energy will fail, almost every time, on the road to success if there isn’t a real, actionable plan in place.

If you are looking to start a business, or even if you have already begun your journey, this webinar will help increase your chances for success with a clear, effective “GPS.”

Founder and CEO of Small Business Edge Brian Moran will identify five key elements to build a strong business.

Participants will learn how to:

● Create a real plan for business success

● Determine whether you are an entrepreneur or small business owner

● Learn how to go from being a reactive person to a proactive one

● Identify competitors and learn their weaknesses so you can beat them

● Learn to hold yourself accountable for success (the biggest takeaway)

Brian Moran has helped tens of thousands of companies, just like yours, start, manage and sometimes, save their companies.  To learn more or register for FREE please click here.

5 Startup Costs Most Founders Underestimate, Startup Professionals. “No matter how well you plan your financials, there’s no way for you to account for all the unknowns. Obviously, the more detailed your business plan, the better.”

How to Overcome Entrepreneurial Anxiety, Banish Stress, and Crush Your Goals, Entrepreneur. “In his book “Unstoppable,” Ballantyne outlines coping strategies to beat anxiety and become a consistently high performer.”

Branding & Marketing

Creating the Perfect Story for Your Brand: 20 Qualities to Help You Get There, Small Biz Trends. “Brand stories allow people to identify with your brand and care about it. A brand story is the inspiring narrative of your business — it includes your struggles, successes, and mission. A brand story should not only present facts but also evoke feelings.”

Writing an “About Us” Page for Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, Small Biz Trends. “A 2015 study by KoMarketing unveils that 52% of website visitors head straight to the company’s ‘About Us’ page after they first land on the homepage.”

7 Keys to Optimizing Your Investment in Social Media, Startup Professionals. “Most social media outlets don’t require a subscription charge, but they certainly always require an investment, sometimes large, in people, in technology, your reputation, and your time.”

Hey Big Spenders: What You Need to Know to Reach Gen Z Shoppers, Small Biz Daily. “Not surprisingly, this digitally native generation loves Amazon. eMarketer cites a survey from CPC Strategy showing 64% of women ages 18 to 24 bought clothes on Amazon in a 6-month period in 2018. Their main motivator was ‘free and fast shipping.’ But before you give up in despair, the NRF says Gen Z likes to shop in physical stores because it gives them a chance to spend time with their friends.”

Success & Personal Improvement

7 Steps for Assuring Business Success and Fulfillment, Startup Professionals. “The best evidence that you are on the road to fulfillment and success is that you love what you do. When you love what you do, it’s not just self-evident, it’s evident to others. You don’t think of your career as going to ‘work’ every day.”

Warren Buffet Says Integrity is the Most Important Leadership Trait. Practicing These Four Habits Will Increase Yours, Inc. “Buffett says coming to the crossroads of doing right or wrong isn’t reserved for billionaires or executives with corner offices. Entrepreneurs and employees at every level face ethical decisions in which reputations, jobs, careers, and futures may be at stake.”

When is “No” the Right Answer?, Forbes. “You must be relentless, you can’t give up, and you must never take ‘no’ for an answer. It’s basically page one of the entrepreneurial guidebook. But what about flexibility? What about being nimble and open minded?”

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