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By at 28 April, 2019, 7:50 am

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National Small Business Week 2019     May 5-11

The U.S. Small Business Administration and SCORE will host a 2-Day Virtual Conference during National Small Business Week. The conference will take place Tuesday, May 7 – Wednesday, May 8 between 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM ET. Registration is FREE to the public.

All are welcome to attend this live online conference to learn new business strategies, meet other business owners, and chat with industry experts! This 2-day action-packed event will include educational webinars, business advice from mentors, giveaways, free resources from sponsor booths, and networking chat rooms for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Get the information you need to succeed as a small business owner – for free.

The live webinars include:

● The U.S. Economic Outlook and Its Impact on Small Businesses

● Making Sense of Online Marketing: A Simple Checklist for Success

● Mastering Control of Your Cash Flow

● Creating Effective Online Ads

● The Culture Imperative: Drive Growth with Customer Obsession

● SBA Funding Programs Explained

● How to do Business with the Federal Government

● Disasters Happen: How to Prepare Your Business and Recover

Learn more or register here.


Small Business Loan Approvals at Big Banks Hit New High: Do you Qualify?, Forbes. “Although big banks have opened the purse strings and are approving loans at post-recession high percentages, still about three quarters of the loan applications they receive are rejected. Why?”

Improve Your Small Business’s FICO Score: 12 Things You Need to Know, Small Business Trends. “A FICO score remains important for small businesses. Because it helps these businesses get loans. But a recent webinar revealed more. “Financial Innovation and FICO Score: What Does it Mean for Small Business” examined what goes into the FICO score. And it looks at how your FICO score can be improved.”

Borrowing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Big Ideas for Small Business. “…companies need to borrow money from time to time and should think about how a loan can impact a business and its owners.” Here are the benefits and downside, and resources to help.

How to Get Funding for a Business, Bplans. “Financing options depend on what kind of business you have. Its age, position, performance, market opportunities, team, and so forth are very important. So you should tailor your funding search and your approach. Don’t waste your time looking for the wrong kind of financing.”


8 Ways Blogging Can Supercharge Your Business, Startup Professionals. “Now that the number of websites on the Internet worldwide approaches two billion, how do you expect anyone to find yours? Equally important, if someone does find your site, your content must stand out above all similar sites, to keep visitors engaged, close a sale, and get customers to return.” Publishing a regular blog can help.

16 Design Symbols Your Business Can Use to Improve Its Brand Identity, Crowd Spring. “The ability of symbols to convey information, culture, and identity has made them an invaluable part of our shared visual language. This is true not only in popular culture but also when it comes to business. We live in a world where people and companies are recognized more for what they represent than who they are. This makes symbols a powerful and effective way of communicating.”

Is Your Marketing Plan Aligned with Your Business Goals, Bplans. “Marketing and branding are two different elements of your business’s image, but they also work together toward building an overall picture of who you are as a company.”

5 Types of Video to Add to Your Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Institute. “Do you want to refresh your social media marketing? Video is a great way to engage your audience, but it can be difficult to determine what options will work for your brand. Let’s break down five valuable options for your consideration.”

7 Tips to Help Your Mom and Pop Shop Succeed Against Big Retailers, Fundera. “In celebration of National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, we’ve created an infographic that demystifies common myths surrounding mom-and-pop shops and offers seven tips to help you succeed.”

Startups & Entrepreneurship

8 Ways to Make Money Online Without Quitting Your Day Job, Entrepreneur. “Do you need to quit your day job to make a bit of extra money online? Certainly not. And the best part is this: Once you do find a way to tap into the seemingly endless amount of wealth floating around on the internet, all you have to do is scale your efforts.”

60 Entrepreneurs Share Best Business Advice and Tips for Success, Ryan Robinson. “From Richard Branson to Arianna HuffingtonTim FerrissMark CubanSophia Amoruso and many more, the business advice from this group of entrepreneurs is collectively worth billions.”

Management & Operations

Supreme Court Immigration Case Could Be Bad for Business, Forbes. “The U.S. Supreme Court will soon hear a case (Kansas v. Garcia) that legal analysts warn may empower state and local prosecutors with political ambitions to go after businesses on immigration grounds. A decision in favor of Kansas may open the floodgates to legal actions against restaurants, landscapers, factories and construction firms, putting businesses at great risk even if under federal law they did not knowingly hire someone without work authorization.”

Self-Improvement & Success

Guy Kawasaki on the 11 Lessons that Changes His Life and Can Change Yours Too, Forbes. “In his latest book Wise Guy, Kawasaki shares what he calls ‘miso soup for the soul’, a wide-range of stories that have helped him grow.”

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