Letter to U.S. House Urging the Preservation of Affordable Health Insurance Choices: H.R. 1010 Eliminates Critical Bridge Coverage

By at 8 May, 2019, 10:03 am


May 8, 2019

Dear Member of the U.S. House:

High health care costs and lack of health coverage choices remain a big issue for many Americans.  Thankfully, steps have been taken to improve affordability and choice and to remove some of the costly and unfair provisions in Obamacare.  Still, much work needs to be done to advance market-driven approaches that lower costs and improve access for health care consumers.

Unfortunately, key regulatory improvements that have been made by the Administration are under attack in Congress.  Specifically, H.R. 1010 would repeal a favorable Department of Labor (DOL) rule that made short-term, limited duration health plans a more practical option for American families, workers and entrepreneurs.  H.R. 1010 would prevent the DOL from taking “any action to implement, enforce, or otherwise give effect to the rule” and stop the federal government from promulgating a similar rule.

This means that many Americans who cannot afford expensive health coverage as a result of Obamacare would be denied an affordable option when they need transitional coverage and financial flexibility the most.

The U.S. House is expected to take action this week on an “Affordable Care Act Protections” package that would roll back this critical bridge coverage.  Passing the legislation would be a big mistake for people who desperately need affordable coverage at crucial periods in their lives.

If H.R. 1010 is enacted into law many people will lose insurance and access to health care altogether. A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis found that 500,000 people will go uninsured if the DOL rule is reversed. The CBO also estimates another 500,000 would be forced to purchase non-group coverage at Affordable Care Act prices (read: more expensive health insurance).

Who wins when people are denied health coverage? Only the politicians who want to save every single line of Obamacare, no matter the costs.

The record under Obamacare is not a good one. Costs skyrocketed, access to choice in coverage has dramatically decreased, and millions of Americans still lack health insurance. Yet some in Washington want to mandate every aspect of our health care system, and dictate what they think is best. Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all does not work for most Americans.

Short-term, limited duration plans fill an important need in the marketplace, particularly when individuals and their families need coverage during career and work changes.  Many more people are cycling between full-time jobs and “gig” work, and temporary health insurance plans help fill the coverage gap at a reasonable cost.  Our regulatory system must take into account how people currently work, how they want to work if they have major life changes, or if they want to start a business. Insurance choices, like these transitional health plans, provide Americans with the flexibility they need when there is a break in coverage, have a need for bridge coverage, or to pursue their dream of opening a business.

When H.R. 1010 reaches the floor for a vote, perhaps as early as this week – whether separately, or as part of an “Affordable Care Act Protections” bill – we urge you to oppose the legislation. Every Member of the U.S. House who claims to support affordable health coverage choices and access to health care must oppose this legislation.

Americans want affordable health care solutions, not expensive one-size-fits all health plans mandated by Congress or federal bureaucrats.


Karen Kerrigan

President & CEO

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council


Jessica Anderson

Vice President

Heritage Action for America


Adam Brandon




Doug Badger

Senior Fellow

Galen Institute


Lisa Nelson


ALEC Action


Grover Norquist


Americans for Tax Reform


Andrew F. Quinlan


Center for Freedom and Prosperity


Pete Sepp


National Taxpayers Union


Grace-Marie Turner


Galen Institute


David Williams


Taxpayers Protection Alliance

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