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Tips, Trends and Market Intelligence for Entrepreneurs


Curated by Karen Kerrigan, SBE Council president & CEO

Market Trends

Why Some Americans Won’t Move, Even for Higher Salary, NextGov. “Mobility in the United States has fallen to record lows. In 1985, nearly 20 percent of Americans had changed their residence within the preceding 12 months, but by 2018, fewer than ten percent had. That’s the lowest level since 1948, when the Census Bureau first started tracking mobility.”

Good News for Small Hotel Owners, 72% Rank Guest Ratings Above Brand, Small Business Trends. “For 72% of the respondent in the survey, the reviews and ratings of guests are more valuable. So much so, they say they are willing to pay more for hotels with a higher rating… brand as an attribute isn’t as powerful as guest ratings. And the days of brands solely driving the decision are gone.”

Here’s What Entrepreneurs Should Know About the Booming VPN Industry, Entrepreneur. “Twenty years ago, virtual private networks (VPNs) were almost exclusively connected to businesses. The consumer VPN industry, as it is now, was pretty much non-existent, with many people using proxies to access blocked sites. However, with more streaming sites and faster speeds, consumers have begun to take to VPNs.”


Entrepreneurship and Startups

Baby Boomers Excel in the Gig Economy, 31% Complete More than 3 Gigs Per Week, Small Business Trends. “For small business owners looking to fill their positions, this is one way to address the shortage of qualified workers. Hiring older workers with extensive experience can provide a multitude of benefits, especially for new startups.”

7 Messages New Entrepreneurs Should Take to Heart, Startup Professionals. “Remember that if you don’t deliver for your customers, they won’t deliver for you. That can make the normal business trenches a deep hole. Read and heed.”

Sole Proprietorships Continue to Increase in Numbers, Big Ideas for Small Business. “From my review of the numbers—comparing 2015 to 2016—it seems that more people have sole proprietorships. When I reviewed the statistics in December 2017, they were better than they had previously been, but now they’re even better.”

WEBINAR: Understand Better Financial Statements to Better Your Business

June 13 – 1:00 p.m. ET    Hosted by SCORE

The number one reason why small businesses fail is not that owners aren’t passionate about what they do, but that they don’t understand their numbers.

Phyllis Johnson, owner of PKJ Consulting, will explain how to become more informed and make better financial decisions simply by understanding these 3 basic financial statements: profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements.

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Marketing, Branding and Sales

12 Methods for Getting Your Business Noticed in Local Markets, Small Business Trends/the Young Entrepreneur Council. “Getting your name out in nearby business circles can go a long way toward building rapport and opening up new opportunities. Yet, not all strategies are created equal, especially when talking about smaller markets.”

10 Expert Tips for Creating an Effective Online Presence for Your Small Business, Small Business Trends. “Whether you run a local business or sell products online, a website, social media and other online profiles can help you reach a larger audience.”

A Brief Guide on Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update, Small Biz Daily. “According to the Google’s recent announcement, it is clear that the number of websites is going to experience a great boost in their website ranking in 2019 because it mainly aims to benefit ‘previously under-rewarded’ pages.” Here’s the explanation and the top Google ranking factors to implement in 2019.

WEBINAR: Connect with Customers with Video

June 11 – 1:00 p.m. ET   Hosted by SCORE

Today, video content is a vibrant and popular part of the online experience. This creates an opportunity for businesses to re-imagine the role that video content plays within their marketing strategy.

Join this webinar, being presented Certified Google AdWords Trainer Matt Weber, for best practices to connect with customers through online video.

In this session, we’ll discuss how to:

● Integrate video into your online strategy

● Plan and produce videos on a budget

● Promote your videos to your target audience

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Business Operations and Management

How Modern Companies Have Redefined Customer Support, Startup Professionals. “The world has changed. With the advent of instant communication and social media, customer service starts at the first hint of interest by you, and never ends for repeat customers. One bad customer experience will kill not only one customer, but many future ones, who hear the message via social media and friends.”

Delegation is Crucial for Your Small Business’s Health – Use These Tips to Start Delegating Today, CrowdSpring. “Small business owners often find themselves taking on every task in their company. But, as a business grows, this hands-on approach becomes harder to maintain. A business’s ability to evolve depends on its leader’s ability to let go of that death grip on… everything… and learn to delegate without micromanaging.”

Hiring Your Child for the Summer, Big Ideas for Small Business. “If you put your own child on the payroll full time for the summer or even part time throughout the school year, there are a number of valuable benefits for the business and your child.”

5 Tips for Growing Your Agency or Freelance Business Without Spending a Ton of Money, CrowdSpring. “If you want a successful, scalable business, embrace your role as a manager and leader. Work on your business, not in it. And use all the resources available to you to grow your business.”


Self-Improvement and Success

6 Amazing Presentation Ideas to Impress Your Audience, Small Biz Daily. “Public speaking is hard. There’s no doubt about it. Unfortunately, though, the reality is that most of us will have to stand in front of a crowd at one point or another. Fortunately, there are mountains of research that shows us our nerves are surmountable.”

How to Tune Business Strategy for Long Term Success, Startup Professionals. “The keys to sustainable success require you to retain that sense of urgency, focus, and vigilance after the launch that you felt during the development and early funding stages.”

How I Moved from Doubt to Empowerment Starting a Company as a Single Mom 5,000 Miles from Home, Inc. “Having grown up in the Middle East, society expected me to abide by certain cultural norms. It was OK to have a job, and my plan had always been to become faculty at a university in Egypt. My family supported that; however, over time my own thinking evolved, and I jumped on the opportunity to start a company out of MIT, on the other side of the world. That’s when I became a misfit, and the voice of doubt in my head got louder.”

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