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Tips, Trends and Market Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

Featured Event: #SBA Chat  July 1

The SBA along with small business experts, including SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan, will join this July 1 tweetchat for veteran entrepreneurs.  Follow along and participate with the hashtag #SBAchat!

Entrepreneurship and Startup Trends

Foster Entrepreneurship in Your Kids, Start a Lemonade Stand with These Tips, Small Business Trends. “Entrepreneurship can start early. One of the most popular ways to nurture a business mind in kids is to open a neighborhood lemonade stand. This can teach important lessons about hard work, responsibility and taking initiative.”

5 Keys to Growing What You Have Planted as a Startup, Startup Professionals. “Ask your customers and partners for ideas, try them all, measure results, and scale up the ones that work. The participants, not the marketers, are in control, and they are demanding a relationship, not just a marketing message. If they don’t find value in the relationship, they move on. The choices and opportunities are theirs.”

Here’s Why the Fastest Way To Grow Your Business Is To Slow Down, Inc. “Too many startups, knowing that they’re supposed to move fast, make the mistake of running just to run. I can tell when a startup is caught up in this mentality because I see them falling into these traps. -David Brown”

How to Identify Customer Pain Points When Starting a Business, Inc. “What problems are they facing and what can you do to improve the experience?”

Five Small Business Statistics for 2019, Small Business Trends. “It’s common to hear how large global brands are affected by business and technology trends like artificial intelligence, changing customer expectations, and data privacy concerns. But how do these trends affect unsung – but much more numerous – small businesses?”

Only 56% of Small Business Owners Have a College Degree, Down From Previous Years, Small Business Trends. “Digital technology is disrupting almost everything, which includes education. According to the self-employment statistics in FreshBooks’ 2019 Self-Employment in America Report, college education is becoming less of a prerequisite.”

Marketing, Branding and Sales

43% of Millennial Small Business Owners Plan to Invest More in Instagram Marketing, Small Business Trends. “Social media marketing has become a valuable tool for small business owners. But the platforms they prioritize depends on their age.”

These 3 New Marketing Trends Will Transform Your Marketing Strategy, Inc. “It can be hard to stay ahead in the constantly shifting marketing world. Following these new trends will help.”

10 Ways to Advertise Your Business for Under $50, Small Business Trends. “A number of small businesses still aren’t spending enough advertising cash to get good results although they know they should. One of the reasons is a limited budget, but did you know that there are some solid cheap advertising ideas out there that are more effective than you’d think?”

Webinar: Facebook – Crucial Marketing Strategies You Must Activate Now

June 27 – 1:00 p.m. ET

FREE Hosted by Score

Facebook is on the decline and marketing on the platform has become more difficult. The “Facebook Apocalypse” which started early 2018 is for real and continues to gain momentum. There’s a lot more competition. Ad costs have risen and are projected to soar even higher.

Can your business still thrive on Facebook? Should you diversify to other social platforms?  And if so, which ones?

This webinar presented by the owner and president of The Ruby Marketing Agency, Lynn Ruby, will cover the essential strategies for Facebook marketing today, the mandate to diversify, and where she recommends you invest your time and resources now:

●  5 things we know for sure about Facebook marketing

●  The 3 Facebook strategies CEOs must demand their social media team focus on and measure

●  2 social platforms that are hot on Facebook’s heels, and which one is right for you

●  The hot Facebook trends from 2018 that tanked

●  5 global guidelines to help you know:

-When to post,

-What to post, and

-The best types of posts

Learn More or Register for Free Here.

Market Trends

Tiny houses entice budget-conscious Americans, Yahoo News. “In a country that nearly always believes bigger is better — think supersize fries, giant cars and 10-gallon hats — more and more Americans are downsizing their living quarters.”

Wired World, Small Biz Daily. “Digital media usage is up as well. Meeker’s report shows last year American adults spent 6.3 hours a day on digital media—and more than half of those hours (3.6) were spent on mobile devices. Of Americans’ favorite online platforms YouTube and Instagram had the most growth in terms of daily usage.”

Business Operations, Management and Human Capital

Bridge the disconnect: 3 strategies to make your home-based employees feel less remote, Yahoo News. “These days, employees increasingly want to work remotely, which is ok. While they generally get their work done, getting them to be engaged and be part of the team is increasingly difficult. What can be done to help this issue?”

What Your Employees Really Want, Big Ideas for Small Business. “Being in a tight labor market as now exists requires employers to find ways to keep employees satisfied and loyal. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy thing for small businesses.”

How ‘Clock-Changer’ Employees Can Help Increase Your Bottom Line, Entrepreneur. “What’s a ‘clock-changer?’ It’s an employee who is willing to go the extra mile to accomplish a task that everyone else is skirting.”

Apply These 4 Techniques to Improve Project Management in Your Small Business, Small Business Trends. “Growing a small enterprise into a larger company requires takes a lot of work. Avoid wasting precious time. And actually turn the corner. But to do this business owners need drive, discipline, and a structured approach.”

5 Critical Steps to Protect Your Network from Security Threats, Small Biz Daily. “The current state of the internet is one brimming with vulnerabilities and exploits. How effectively you deal with them is not just a technical thing you’ll address some day. We’re talking about the very survival of your company.”

How To Be A Business Leader As Well As Thought Leader, Startup Professionals. “Most entrepreneurs are thought leaders. They have the ability to recognize a market need, the skills to design and implement a solution, and the drive to start a business from that solution. It all comes from within themselves. A business leader does the same thing and more, through the people around them.”

Policy and Small Business

Smart Changes to HRAs will Expand Health Insurance Choices, SBE Council. “Allowing employees to use HRA funds to purchase the individual health coverage that best meets their personal needs is true choice. And allowing the use of the funds for benefits such as dental and vision care adds tremendous value for health consumers and their families.”

New Trump Administration Initiatives

SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan discusses two big initiatives from the Administration last week. She attended two White House events where these small-business friendly programs were announced. Listen to the podcast here.

Self-Improvement and Success

5 Elements of Innovation that are Not Product Related, Startup Professionals. “It’s time for all you entrepreneurs and business professionals to take stock of your own situation and decide if you have the innovation capital to win the support you need from bosses, colleagues, partners, and investors, for your next breakthrough idea or invention.”


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