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Tips Trends and Market Intelligence for Entrepreneurs


Trends in the Marketplace

Are We in the Middle of a Baby Bust?, Small Biz Daily. “U.S. birthrates hit record lows—but it’s not all bad news.”

UNDERSTANDING GEN Z: How America’s Largest, Most Diverse, Best-Educated, and Most Financially Powerful Generation Will Shape the Future, Morning Consult. “Based on nearly 1,000 survey interviews with 18-21 year-olds, Morning Consult’s ‘Understanding Gen Z’ report digs into the values, habits, aspirations, politics, and concerns that are shaping Gen Z adults and the ways they differ from the generations that came before them.” (You will need to Download the report.)

58% Use Voice Search to Find Local Businesses, Small Business Trends. “More than half of consumers in America now use voice search to find information about local businesses. And 46% of consumers use voice search to find local businesses daily. A further 28% use voice search to search for a local business each week.”

Have an old car? You’re not alone. Vehicle age hits record, Associated Press. “The average age of cars and trucks in the U.S. has hit a record 11.8 years, as better quality and technology allows people to keep them on the road longer.”

ICYMI: Our Best Cities for Entrepreneurs Report, Small Business Trends. “Our Editors commissioned a special study using U.S. Census data. And other information sources also provided data to rank cities based on how attractive they are to entrepreneurs and small businesses.”

Entrepreneurship and Startups

A Study of 2.7 Million Startups Found the Ideal Age to Start a Business (and it’s much older than you think), Inc. “If you are in your 40s and 50s, you might think it’s too late to start a business. Wrong: It’s actually the perfect time.”

5 Keys To Growing What You Have Planted As A Startup, Startup Professionals. “The message is simple. Ask your customers and partners for ideas, try them all, measure results, and scale up the ones that work. The participants, not the marketers, are in control, and they are demanding a relationship, not just a marketing message. If they don’t find value in the relationship, they move on.”

6 Clues To The Right Employees For Your New Venture, Startup Professionals. “Entrepreneurs are usually highly creative and innovative, but many innovative people are not entrepreneurs. Since it takes a team of people to build a great company, the challenge is to find that small percentage of innovative people, and then nurture the tendency, rather than stifle it.”

The Two Things You Need to Know to Succeed as an Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur. “So what is it that makes some entrepreneurs successful, and some of them successful over and over again? Surely there is something unique that these ‘serial entrepreneurs’ have or know that brings them repeated success.”

Marketing, Branding and Sales

Future Entrepreneurs Need to Focus on Markets, Trends and Problems, Not Ideas, Forbes. “If you examine startups that are successful, you will see that they leveraged a large market of customers, they positively exploited a trend, or they solved an important customer problem. To be a successful entrepreneur, study one of these three things:  markets, trends or problems.”

The Most Powerful Marketing Words Your Small Business Should be Using, CrowdSpring. “Word choice can and will have an impact on getting your e-mails opened and read and whether you convert prospects to clients. Let’s look at these magic marketing words that can help you boost conversions and improve the bottom line for your business.”

How to Source Products to Sell Online, Small Business Trends. “Ecommerce businesses in the U.S. made more than $504 billion in sales in 2018. There’s a lot of money to be made in the industry. But there’s also a ton of competition.”

10 Retail Product Placement Tips for Small Business, Small Business Trends. “An amazing $11.44 billion will be spent on product placement in the United States in 2019. That’s good reason to pay attention to these 10 retail product placement tips for small business.”

Webinar: Make Your Marketing Work – Track the Correct Analytics

July 9, 2019


You spend hours marketing your small business, but how do you know if your efforts are working?

Marketing analytics provide valuable data on audience behavior, online ad success, site traffic sources, and more. Two of the most widely used analytics tools are Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

In this session, marketing strategist and SCORE mentor Cheri Bales will explain how these two analytics tools can guide businesses and marketers with strategy, implementation and evaluation.

You will learn:

● Why you need to use marketing analytics

● Which metrics to follow and what they mean

● How your audience behaves

● Customer acquisition costs (CAC)

● Ad cost per click rates (CPC)

● How to find the data to measure your ROI

Learn more or register for FREE here.

Business Operations and Management

How to Deliver Employee Feedback Most Effectively, Inc. “High-quality feedback elevates human performance.” Here’s proof.

9 Keys To Effective Communication In Today’s Business, Startup Professionals. “Don’t count on people reading your Annual Report for breaking news. Your team needs to hear from you on a regular basis, on a channel they can relate to easily and quickly.”

What to Do About Drugs in the Workplace Now, Big Ideas for Small Business. “The opioid crisis is still raging (every day more than 130 people die in the U.S. from overdosing on opioids). More marijuana for recreation and/or medical use. The job market continues to be tight (the U.S. unemployment rate in May 2019 was 3.6%). All of these factors may impact your company’s drug policy.”

8 Ways to Get More Done as a Small-Business Owner, Entrepreneur. “Entrepreneurs everywhere face a similar challenge each day: it seems there’s always more to do than time in which to do it.  Consider these eight tips from professionals and experts.”

5 Keys To Business Culture That Are Counter-Intuitive, Startup Professionals. “These authors present 20+ years of research, including case studies and metrics, showing how culture really makes or breaks your business. I have found that while many of their lessons may seem obvious, others are not so intuitive. Here are a few that I found insightful, and consistent with my own observations”

5 Ideas for Disaster Preparedness, Big Ideas for Small Business. “All it takes is one big storm in your area to wreak havoc with your business. Here are some suggestions to help you be prepared for any disaster that may come your way.”

Self-Improvement and Success

7 Practical Tips to Achieve a Positive Mindset, Success. “You can define positive thinking as positive imagery, positive self-talk or general optimism, but these are all still general, ambiguous concepts. If you want to be effective in thinking and being more positive, you’ll need concrete examples to help you through the process.”

It’s Called ‘Stress Management’ for a Reason, Entrepreneur. “Consider these tools for reducing the daily stress of being an entrepreneur.”


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