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Tips, Trends and Market Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

Trends in the Marketplace

Attention Small Businesses: Gen Z Consumers Most Money-Driven, Powerful Generation Ever, Small Business Trends. “This was the finding of a new report released by Morning Consult. It’s titled ‘Understanding Gen Z: How America’s Largest, Most Diverse, Best-Educated, and Most Financially Powerful Generation Will Shape the Future.’”

IoT Trends and Challenges You Can Expect to See in 2020, Small Biz Daily. “As IoT makes its way into multiple aspects and domains of our lifestyle, people are wondering if we can go past home assistance and connected house appliances. In 2019, we’re at the forefront of seeing some of the best technological advances that are set to make a debut in 2020.”

Entrepreneurship and Startups

Key Tips: Starting a Business, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. “If you come away from reading these pieces sure that entrepreneurship is for you, that’s a good indicator that taking the plunge into the waters of entrepreneurship just might be right for you.”

7 Tips For Entrepreneurs Seeking A Balanced Lifestyle, Startup Professionals. “Most people consider entrepreneurship as a lifestyle, rather than a job. Being married is a lifestyle, and raising a family is a lifestyle. Recognize that it’s harder to balance two lifestyles than it is balance a job with your real lifestyle.”

How 11 of the Most Famous High Net Worth Entrepreneurs Got Started, Inc. “The most intriguing and inspirational stories of how people build high net worth, however, are often those that involve a struggle, hard work and determination. The stories of today’s wealthiest entrepreneurs provide key insights for other entrepreneurs dreaming of success.”

Marketing, Branding and Sales

The 18 Most Iconic and Influential Logos of All Time: Decade by Decade (2019), CrowdSpring. “What can you learn from the most influential logos of the 20th century?

How Data Analytics Impacts Small Businesses in 2019, “With many companies ramping up their digital transformation initiatives, there’s been a massive surge in the implementation of data analytics.”

How Technology Helps Level the Playing Field for Small Business Marketers, “Whether you are leading a small or midsized business or an industry titan, effective marketing is vital for growth. Unfortunately, smaller companies must compete for the same shortened attention spans, interest, and page views as much larger competitors.”

Tips on How Pop-Up Shops Can Help Brick-and-Mortars, Small Biz Daily. “Having an accessible storefront that allows space for another company to set up a pop-up can provide a positive impact. There are many companies that have a strong online following but do not have a physical store. Today, many brands travel the country with their apparel, for example, looking for locations to host their pop-ups. This can be an opportunity for a brick-and-mortar to capitalize on.”

How to Create a Business Website in 6 Easy Steps, CrowdSpring. “Today’s consumers expect businesses to have websites. They consider a website to be a sign of a reputable business. They want the convenience of learning more about a business whenever they want… and without having to talk to anyone. You simply can’t afford not to have a business website.”

WEBINAR: Expert Tips to Keep Your Online Customers Excited and Engaged

July 18, 2018   1:00 p.m. ET

Hosted by SCORE

Surviving in online retail requires constant vigilance to keep your customers excited about your products and to be able to respond to the inevitable customer turnover. Keeping your site fresh and relevant, changing up products, building a customer community – these are all must-dos to survive in ecommerce.

In this session, you’ll hear from a seasoned ecommerce expert and head of marketing partnerships for Yahoo Small Business Dan Breeden, and learn how to:

● Obtain great, free feedback on your site at trade conferences

● Make sure mobile users can navigate your site without hassle

● Take cues from brick and mortar stores on easy, economical refreshes

● Create a dynamic customer community that encourages repeat site visits

● Extend your product line to increase cart sales

● ‘Always be on’ for your customers for closer engagement

Learn more about the webinar, or register for FREE here.


Business Operations and Management

Face the Music: Dealing With Negative Employee Survey Results, Small Biz Daily. “All feedback is a potential tool for improvement. Whether the feedback relates to management style or support, organisational processes or development opportunities, once you are aware of weaknesses in your company, you can begin to turn things around.”

Why Partnerships are Great for Growing Your Business, Small Business Trends/Smart Hustle. “You can’t grow your business alone. You need a team. A small business partner can be a great part of that team.”

How to Reduce Shrinkage: Loss Prevention for Small Businesses, Bplans. “Shrinkage—or loss of inventory due to employee theft, error, shoplifting, or fraud—is an issue no small business owner can afford to ignore. In fact, a 2018 survey from The National Retail Federation found that shrinkage accounts for 1.33 percent of retail losses every year. It might not sound like much, but all together, it accounts for a whopping 46.8 billion dollar loss across the retail industry annually.”

Getting Out of Your Commercial Lease, Big Ideas for Small Business. “So, you’re in an office that no longer suits your needs: the space is too large, too small, inaccessible to public transportation, or for any other reason…What can you do to get out of your commercial lease?”

7 Wise Leadership Strategies When Smart is Not Enough, Startup Professionals. “Smart people impress us all with their intellectual power and uncanny ability to achieve their goals. But smartness alone is not always sufficient to keep entrepreneurs out of trouble and sustain their success. Wise entrepreneurs ultimately are the ones that create lasting value for both stakeholders and society.”

Self-Improvement and Success

Using This 1 Word is the Single Most Powerful Way for Leaders to be Instantly Likable According to Neuroscience, Inc. “One of the most effective ways to remember first names is by following a three-step process. First, ask for a first name. Second, repeat the name out loud early in the conversation. Third, mentally associate the name with another person or word that will help you create a mental picture of the name. Sometimes, the best motivational tools are simple and free. Practice getting first names right and you’ll see your business relationships grow stronger.”

9 Better Things to Do Than Worry What Others Think About You, Entrepreneur. “The choice is yours. You can start with these nine simple, surefire ways to eliminate the worry and free yourself to be yourself.”

Developing Leadership Qualities: Empathy, Big Ideas for Small Business. “For some, it connotes a purely emotional response. But in truth, empathy is an important skill for being a successful leader.”

What to Do When You Feel Like You’re Too Behind to Catch Up, Inc. “If the ship is going down, don’t just frantically bail water – fly.”

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