Karen Kerrigan on Fox Business: Market Watch – The Latest Retail Data and Trade, Hong Kong, Election 2020

By at 16 August, 2019, 9:00 am

SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan joined an hour-long panel on Fox Business on Cavuto’s Coast-to-Coast (August 15)  to discuss leading issues of the day and their impact on the markets, the economy and business.

July’s Retail Data and Where the Economy is Headed: July’s retail numbers were impressive, and the panel talked about the latest data as well as where consumer sentiment, the markets and business investment will be headed given the ongoing uncertainty with regard to trade and tariffs. Kerrigan said while consumer strength and small business confidence remain solid, the trade war and down tick in business investment is chipping away at these indicators. Watch the segment here.

The Future of Hong Kong: The Hong Kong protests were discussed, and how it may impact markets. Kerrigan said a lot depends on the U.S. response and that tying the protests to a trade agreement with China is not recommended, as President Trump can address the protests on their own merits and put pressure on China with the help of the international community. Kerrigan said the tumult in Hong Kong is just another upshot of China not keeping its deals, as a 1984 agreement gave Hong Kong 50 years of autonomy (which began in 1997).  Watch the segment here.

Election 2020 and the Economy: To round out the show, the final segment covered the economy and the 2020 elections. Kerrigan said a good economy would obviously be good for President Trump, and boosting business investment is key to ensuring strong economic growth going into 2020. She noted the importance of getting clarity on trade policy, including China and the passage of USMCA, to positively drive business investment. Watch the segment here.


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