Congress Back in Session: Gearing Up for the Big Return

By at 28 August, 2019, 10:09 am

Small Business Insider

by Karen Kerrigan-

Congress will be back in session the first week of September. SBE Council is gearing up for a big push on several key issues including passage of USMCA, action on key health care issues like a solution to surprise billing and fixing the Health Insurance Tax (HIT), movement on a national framework on privacy, SBA reauthorization and modernization, and a host of capital access and formation issues, among other priorities.

I closely followed the G-7 meeting, and the outcome appears quite positive on several fronts, including trade. Hopefully, the announcement of final deals will be forthcoming soon. Of course, this all follows the President’s tweet-storm and tariff announcements at the end of last week in response to China’s retaliatory tariffs. We continue to advocate for solutions that do not impose additional costs and hardships on small businesses or higher levels of uncertainty, which only serve to chip away at confidence, competitiveness and investment. A resolution to the trade dispute with China and renewed actions that focus on regulatory improvements and workforce development will keep the economy strong, and help entrepreneurs and small businesses with their key pain points. Continuously improving the policy environment will fuel needed business investment, and in turn economic growth.

For example, SBE Council was excited to see the President talk about indexing capital gains taxes for inflation, but unfortunately that turned to disappointment when he appeared to back off this important reform. As I noted in a recent blog post about the perceived retreat on indexation:

“Continuously improving the policy environment is essential to America’s business environment, and the health and growth of our economy. Please keep moving forward on all pro-growth policies Mr. President. Indexing capital gains for inflation is a small but very helpful step that would boost business creation and keep the economy humming. For the sake of entrepreneurship and capital formation, please look at its merits again.”

Here’s hoping you enjoy the final days of August, and please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have suggestions and ideas to make SBE Council a more effective voice for entrepreneurs and small business.

Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO 

P.S. Thank you to all SBE Council members and supporters for reaching out to your U.S. House members and Senators about USMCA over the congressional break! Voicing your support for USMCA is making a difference and is critical to passage.  Read SBE Council’s USMCA SMALL BUSINESS FACT SHEET here, and share the good news about this agreement with your networks, local media, and members of Congress.

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