Karen Kerrigan on Fox Business: Jobs Data, Encryption and Facebook, Dancing with Sean Spicer, Joe Piscopo and More

By at 4 October, 2019, 5:37 pm

On October 4, SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan joined Neil Cavuto’s Coast-to-Coast for an hour-long panel to discuss a host of issues including the jobs report for September, and the positive outlook on retail sales for the 2019 holiday season.

The JOBS Data: In this 4:30 minute segment, Kerrigan discusses the jobs data with other guests.

The Positive Holiday Sales Outlook: Matthew Shay, National Retail Foundation president, joined the discussion (which can be viewed here) to dig into the very positive outlook on holiday sales for 2019.

End-toEnd Encryption and the DOJ: The Department of Justice (DOJ) is requesting that Facebook delay end-to-end encryption on its messenger services, and Kerrigan explains here why encryption matters along with the big downside to the federal government’s request.

Dancing with Sean Spicer: Sean Spicer joined the lineup, providing an uplifting message about his “Dancing with the Stars” journey – why he accepted the challenge, that life should be fun, and the cause he is raising money for. Kerrigan had the opportunity to ask him about the impeachment inquiry, and the possible downside for Democrats going into 2020. Watch the clip here.

The Joe Piscopo Show on Cavuto: Joe jumped on set to talk about Eddie Muphy’s upcoming film “Dolemite is My Name” and his longtime friendship with the actor dating back to Saturday Night Live. Joe threw in a few impressions to boot! Watch the segment here.

Outlook for the Markets and Trade: Finally, Charles Payne previewed his show and provided some analysis about the jobs report and what it means for the market moving forward. Kerrigan noted that she was generally positive on trade – both USMCA and a trade deal with China. On the latter, she said that Chinese leaders were likely thinking about the prospects of having to work with Elizabeth Warren beyond 2020, which could accelerate a deal with President Trump. Watch the segment here.

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