Small Business Roundtable with President Trump: Ohio Members Discuss Regulatory Relief and its Benefits With President Trump and Vice President Pence

By at 6 December, 2019, 3:00 pm

Entrepreneurs discuss the benefits of regulatory improvements for their businesses at roundtable with President Trump and Vice President Pence


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Washington, D.C. – Today at the White House, small business owners met with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence where they discussed how regulatory improvements and relief from government red tape are providing their firms with more resources to compete, grow and drive new revenue streams. The roundtable was also an opportunity to discuss the Administration’s Fall 2019 Unified Agenda, the progress of ongoing deregulatory efforts, and the Governors’ Initiative on Regulatory Innovation.  Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) representatives Cally Lange, CEO and Creative Director of Revival, and Luke Henry, president of ProScape Lawn and Landscape Services, attended the roundtable and had the opportunity to provide feedback and share how a balanced regulatory environment has benefited their firms.

On the White House discussion today and its focus on regulatory policy, SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan said:

“The regulatory environment has vastly improved for small businesses and our economy, which has unleashed investment and new opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Having both Cally and Luke at the table with President Trump and Vice President Pence to share that positive impact, and point to areas for continued improvement is an opportunity that will benefit all small businesses. We thank the President and Vice President for their deregulatory improvements to date, and the ongoing dialog with entrepreneurs that has led to concrete actions based on these discussions.”

Lange’s business, an architectural and design firm headquartered in Celina, Ohio, has grown significantly over the past three years and credits the more reasonable regulatory approach as well as specific regulations concerning the overtime rule, federal filing requirements and home lending that have freed resources and boosted commercial client growth in her business. With five full-time employees, Lange says she is working to add additional employees which is a challenge in the tight labor market. The Revival team is also working on several “opportunity zone” projects, which are helping to restore small downtown areas and provide affordable housing opportunities.

“I am so very grateful for the opportunity to participate in a meaningful dialogue with President Trump, Vice President Pence, and other senior administration officials focused on the growth and success of my small business as a result of deregulatory actions enacted under the Trump Administration.  Many positive changes have helped my business expand our workforce and revenues by 400% over the last three years,” said Lange.

Henry, whose Marion, Ohio based business has 50 employees and provides both commercial and residential landscaping services. He has recently started several other businesses including Topped Ice Cream Shop, The Brickyard on Main Event Center and The Union. He is also in the process of renovating eight blighted buildings in the downtown area. Henry praised the positive business environment created by Trump Administration policies, and how pro-small business tax and regulatory policies have boosted the economy, consumer confidence and therefore discretionary spending, which has benefited all of his businesses. This has provided Henry with the added confidence and capital to take more risks and open new businesses. He also pointed to the previous overtime rule, which would have been a massive burden for his business. The pause on that rule, and subsequent changes, have been beneficial.

“It is vitally important for elected official to engage with entrepreneurs, and I am honored to be meeting with the President and White House officials to discuss how policies and regulations affect businesses like ours on Main Street, and in small towns across America. We believe that the work we do and risks we take every day are critical for the continued growth of the economy. By cutting unnecessary government regulations and red tape, we can bring ideas and products to market more quickly, which create jobs and improve the quality of life for our teams and our communities,” said Henry.

As noted at the roundtable discussion, the U.S. regulatory burden has eased significantly, which is a key factor for economic growth and investment, according to Kerrigan.

“Entrepreneurs can focus on building their businesses and taking more risks, which is what the U.S. economy needs to create quality jobs and maintain its innovative and competitive lead. We look forward to working with the Administration on continuous efforts to reform the regulatory process, and we thank President Trump and Vice President Pence for giving small businesses a voice at the policymaking table,” Kerrigan concluded.


Karen Kerrigan, SBE Council president & CEO


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