Kerrigan in Morning Consult: Movement to Nationalize 5G is a Big Mistake

By at 22 October, 2020, 9:18 am

The Private Sector – Not Government – Should Lead on 5G Development

The Morning Consult

In an October 22 Morning Consult Op-ed, SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan detailed the big problems with a move by the Department of Defense (DoD) to nationalize 5G. In the piece, Kerrigan expresses alarm at the DoD’s hasty push into managing 5G networks, given the private sector’s massive investment and pace in deployment.  She notes:

The “race” to build a secure, nationwide 5G network in the U.S. is being achieved through a path that government and industry have charted together. This successful model has unleashed private sector investment and innovation. U.S. companies are competing to meet demands and to innovate in an open and free market to develop fast, resilient, and secure networks, products, and services.

Nationalizing 5G would not only undercut the open market principles that have been critical to the development of preceding high-speed internet networks like 4G, it would undermine confidence in the entire internet ecosystem. The exponential growth and evolution of the internet and communications sectors are a direct result of light-touch regulations and pro-investment, pro-market policies that have enjoyed wide bipartisan support over last three decades. In fact, such longstanding policy paved the way for nearly $2 trillion in private sector investment during this period.

This is not the time to play with untested models, which could set domestic 5G development back years. Policymakers and elected officials must reject efforts to nationalize the 5G network and continue to allow the private sector to push the boundaries of innovation by developing the strongest, most secure 5G networks in the world.

Read the full piece here.


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