Business Intelligence: Trends 2021, Edition I

By at 9 December, 2020, 10:49 am

by Karen Kerrigan-

Watching and reporting on trends got a little tricky in 2020. Who knew at the conclusion of 2019 – or in the early months on 2020 – that a pandemic would dramatically disrupt the way we work, live, shop, eat and play?

COVID-19 has accelerated several established trends, and of course launched new ones. Small business owners have made dramatic changes to their business’s operations or altered their models to align with a touchless world, and to meet the new demands of consumers in the marketplace. The emergence of many new businesses is likely driven by these trends along with new opportunities to solve problems brought on by COVID-19.

The busy holiday season is perhaps not the best time to be digging into what lies ahead in 2021, but it is necessary that small business owners start planning, brainstorming and innovating to proactively take advantage of existing and emerging trends. This week’s Business Intelligence update provides some useful content and resources to help entrepreneurs get a forward look on how they can take advantage of the consumer mindset and buying patterns for 2021.

What Marketing Trends to Expect in 2021, Adweek.

“So a key question for all businesses is: Which new customer behaviors and expectations will stick, and which will recede? Correctly answering this is integral to effective resource allocation. Currently, we have clues to act on.”

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021: Predictions from the Pros, Social Media Examiner.

From organic Instagram visibility and exposure to Facebook ad creative trends that garner success, this article covers a range of trends that will help entrepreneurs more effectively develop content and connect with customers and audiences of a variety of platforms, including LinkedIn.


Selling Through Social: Develop Your Strategy in the New Year


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Don’t let your social media platforms serve only as a brand tool. Get active and use them as a way to truly build your business, one new connection at a time.

At the end of the actionable webinar, presented by CEO, content marketing expert, author and coach Jessica Thiefels, you’ll walk away with a clear and easy to implement strategy for selling through social.

● Participants will learn:

● Strategies for connecting before selling

● A clear and simple formula for finding and qualifying potential leads

● An outline of your pitch flow

● The sales process I used to get 50+ women into my paid membership

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Consumer Trends 2021, Idea Communications.

“Looking towards 2021, we see the emergence of four distinct types of consumer: the Compressionalists, the Kindness Keepers, the Market Makers, and the Cyber Cynics. Each of these consumer profiles are characterised by a unique set of attributes and demands, and businesses must evolve to deploy bespoke strategies tailored to suit each consumer type.”

5 Predictions: How Things Will Change for Retailers in 2021, Digital Commerce 360.

“Adobe Analytics predicts that 2020 will be a banner year for ecommerce, with $189 billion being spent online during the holiday shopping season (up 33% year over year). And 2021 also promises to be a profitable year for digitally native merchants. Several key business and technology trends are emerging or have already taken shape and it’s wise to consider them as 2020 ends. Here are five top retailing predictions for the coming year and why you should keep an eye on them.”

8 Innovative Trends to Watch in 2021, Tinuiti.

“From innovative retail technologies to surprising new sales channels, here are eight of the top innovative retail trends to keep an eye on in 2021: social commerce, a new approach to influencer marketing, online stores in offline spaces, even more AR-powered shopping experiences, creative brand identities on Amazon.”

Cost of Living: These 20 Cheap American Cities are Seeing a Boom in Move-ins Year, USA Today.

“Each year, millions of Americans relocate to somewhere else in the country, whether it is for retirement, college, or a new job. Yet 2020 offered some Americans a new reason to move – the COVID-19 pandemic, which was declared a national emergency in mid-March. Many people moved away from virus hotspots or left cities because they lost their jobs amid the pandemic. Many Americans likely looked for somewhere they could stretch their savings, relocating to places where the cost of living is relatively low.”

Coronavirus Moving Study: People Left Big Cities, Temporary Moves Spiked in First 6 Months of COVID-19 Pandemic, My Move.

“The telepresence boom is creating a coronavirus moving phenomenon. Now that people can continue with their life remotely, they can do so from anywhere. And so people are leaving big, densely populated areas and spreading out to suburbs or smaller communities across the country — at least for now.”

Top 10 Food and Nutrition Trends on the Horizon for 2021, Healthline.

“In 2021 you can look forward to a huge shift in the food industry. Gone are the days of extreme diets, unnecessary ingredients, and false promises. As we move forward into the new year, we’ll see more people looking to eat food that has a purpose, story, and serves society and health.”

What Will the Fast-Food Experience Look Like in 2021, QSR Magazine.

“Preparation, not pivot, which is the biggest change from navigating COVID in 2021 versus 2020. It split into four corners: Technology will continue to drive innovation in the 21st Century; Brands will re-imagine the brick-and-mortar experience; Privacy is moving away from the Wild West; and the shift in consumer behavior due to COVID-19 is real.”

Food & Beverage Trends for Hotel Restaurants and Bars in 2021, Travel Pulse.

“The question now is how these trends, which have been forced upon us by prolonged living amid pandemic conditions, will carry on into the new year and beyond. Dining and drinking establishments operating in the hotel space, in particular, have had to reinvent the ways they serve their customers in order to remain relevant, diversifying the avenues through which their offerings can be delivered.”

7 Interior Design Trends that Will Start to Disappear by 2021, Insider.

Insider spoke to professional interior designers to find out which decorating trends will be everywhere in 2021, and which styles will fade away in the new year.

21 Meaningful, Trend-Driven Innovation Opportunities for 2021, Trendwatching.

“Need some bulletproof guidance and inspiration after a turbulent year? TrendWatching’s content team brings you 21 carefully curated opportunities to help you imagine and build new products, services and campaigns that will have a purposed impact in 2021 and beyond.”

Karen Kerrigan is president & CEO of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council.


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