The Most Googled Small Business Questions by State (and it’s not about “Big-Tech” dominance)

By at 16 April, 2021, 11:22 am


In a recent Idea of the Day® courtesy of Barbara Weltman’s Big Ideas for Small Business®, a new report unveils what small businesses are searching for online.  CenturyLink has put together an interactive map that breaks down the most frequently asked question per state. Most of these questions relate to “how to” use technology platforms and digital tools to start or grow a business. As noted by Barbara in her Idea of the Day®, “how to start an online business,” “how businesses use social media,” and “how to create a Facebook business” were dominant questions asked by small business owners or those considering starting a business.

As SBE Council has noted in many of its reports, surveys and advocacy efforts, technology platforms have been a lifeline for small business owners, especially in their efforts to navigate the COVID-19 economy and shutdowns. During 2020, new business applications were quite high – in fact, higher than in 2019. And online retail was one of the sectors where interest was and is the highest. The explosion in digital commerce and new opportunities in the marketplace are driving this entrepreneurial uptick, which needs to be fostered in order to rebuild our nation’s small business stock that has been devastated during the pandemic.

In a recent Small Business Insider Success Strategies piece, I answer many of these “most Googled questions.” The helpful guide, “Starting a Business in the Digital Economy: Where to Go to Launch and Grow,” provides tips and resources that address some of these key questions.

Karen Kerrigan is president & CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.



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