Alignable SPECIAL REPORT: Pro-Act is Anti-Small Business, and Its Timing is TERRIBLE

By at 4 May, 2021, 8:02 am

Eric Groves, CEO of Alignable, doesn’t mince words about the PRO Act:

“Just as small business owners are starting to feel more optimistic about surviving the COVID Crisis, certain legislators in Washington are plotting to crush them once again — this time with what we’re calling the ‘PRO Act Virus.’”

A recent Alignable survey of over 11,000 small businesses found:

● That “many small business owners depend on independent contractors to win business, manage their costs, and keep their businesses afloat. In fact, 45% of those polled said the PRO Act could put them out of business.”

● The majority of independent contractors (61%) anticipate losing 76% or more of their business.

● Of the 9,059 small business owners who responded, 73% indicated in one manner or another that having access to freelancers was critical for surviving the COVID Crisis.

● Of 11,606 small business owners, 37% reported having a side-hustle to generate extra income during the COVID Crisis, which helped them keep their main business afloat.

Read Eric’s piece here.

RELATED CONTENT: Kerrigan Says “Pro Act” a Big Threat to Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship in Response to President Biden’s Speech

SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan remarked that President Biden’s policy speech to Congress on Wednesday certainly included “robust” proposals, but added that core policy initiatives within these plans would harm entrepreneurship and small business growth, and undermine the private investment that is needed to fuel economic recovery:

“The PRO Act, touted by President Biden, and proposed tax increases will snuff out growth and the dynamic environment needed to start and build successful small businesses – the very businesses that are responsible for creating jobs, jobs, jobs.”

She added that entrepreneurs, small businesses and their dedicated workers built this country and our economy, and “Policies need to encourage their ideas, growth, risk-taking and job creation.”

Read more here.


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