KERRIGAN IN THE WASHINGTON TIMES: “Government Does Not Know Best When it Comes to Health Care”

By at 3 August, 2021, 12:08 pm

In a July 28 Washington Times Op-Ed, SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan writes that federal government policy is moving in a direction that is not supported, or helpful to, small businesses. She points to a recent Morning Consult survey sponsored by SBE Council that reveals key findings:

Unfortunately, the solutions being advocated and advanced by Washington are totally misaligned with what small businesses need. Leading healthcare bills gaining traction in Congress are pushing for more government intervention and control while small business owners want the opposite, according to a new Morning Consult survey conducted by our organization.

Not surprisingly, according to the survey, small business owners want what’s best for their employees, which is a key reason why they provide health coverage. When asked to identify the biggest benefit of offering health insurance, helping employees stay healthy and productive tops the list (58%) followed by efforts to support recruitment and retainment.

Furthermore, small business owners believe that government does not know best when it comes to health care: 72% of small business owners agree that employers and employees, not the government, should decide which health plan to offer workers.

She concludes by urging the Biden Administration and Congress to do a big pivot on health care, just like small business owners were forced to do with regard to their businesses during the pandemic:

Small business owners and their employees were forced to massively shift their thinking and operations during the pandemic. It’s time for Congress and the federal government to do the same by moving away from the interventionist approach on health care. Instead of mandates, small businesses need incentives and innovation. Instead of behind-the-scenes price negotiations, small businesses need transparency. If Congress wants to get health care reform right, they need to listen to our nation’s small business owners.

Read the full Op-ed here.


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