GALLUP: Americans View Economy and Government as Top Problems

By at 28 April, 2022, 6:32 pm

by Raymond J. Keating –

Gallup asked Americans, “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?”

The economy ranked number one – that is, as the biggest problem – followed by government, and then leaving all other answers far behind. Is anyone really surprised?

While government or poor leadership in government came in first, cited by 20 percent of adults, when you tally up the various economic problems cited, economic woes totaled to nearly 40 percent.

The high cost of living or inflation registered 17 percent and the economy in general came in at 12 percent.

Source: Gallup

Now, I might be going out on a limb here, but it seems likely that a significant chunk of those who cited an economic issue as a top problem would also note discontent with how policymakers (i.e., government) are dealing with economic matters. And they would be right.

The U.S. economy no doubt is suffering now and will continue to do so because of a White House and a Congress that seems completely detached from economic reality and the consequences of an agenda that is hostile to entrepreneurship, business and investment.

Raymond J. Keating is chief economist for the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.



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