Small Business Week: President Biden and Congress Must Revisit and Reprioritize Policy Agenda

By at 2 May, 2022, 12:14 pm



Washington, D.C. – President Biden has declared May 1-7 as National Small Business Week. Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) president & CEO Karen Kerrigan issued the following statement about the importance of this week, and how Congress and the White House can help to improve the confidence of entrepreneurs and the tough conditions they currently face:

“SBE Council proudly joins all elected officials, fellow business organizations, Main Streets across the country, and members of the public who are observing this week and celebrating the contributions of small business owners to ‘American life and prosperity,’ as President Biden noted in his proclamation.

“Small business owners and their dedicated employees have endured tough pandemic years, and now face some of their most difficult challenges yet given relentless inflation, supply chain problems, labor shortages, and access to capital becoming more problematic. It is more important than ever for policies and legislation to provide relief and solutions, not add additional burdens and problems that threaten the survivability, competitiveness and potential of local businesses.

“Policies and legislation must always be evaluated as to their impact on small businesses – both directly and indirectly, and we urge Congress and Biden Administration officials to advance supportive measures that:

Provide tax relief and promote tax simplicity.

● Deliver regulatory relief and stability, not costly new burdens and red tape.

● Allow entrepreneurs and small business owners to continue operating independently.

● Maintain open, affordable, and seamless access to the online consumer marketplaces and tech tools provided by platforms.

● Encourage strong innovation and private sector investment, which will help the economy emerge from the supply chain mess and maintain U.S. global economic and innovative leadership.

● Enable our small businesses to more effectively compete with larger players and in the global marketplace through friendly business policies at home, and access to markets abroad.

● Promote more affordable choices in health insurance, access to health care and life-saving drugs.

● Protect and strengthen intellectual property (IP) rights.

● Curb the effects of inflation and high prices by pulling back on excessive government spending, not imposing new tax and regulatory costs on business, and encouraging energy development in the U.S.

● Spend infrastructure dollars intelligently and fairly through transparency, inclusive and open competition, allowing all competent businesses to compete for government contracts, and ensure tax dollars are spent where it is most needed to improve infrastructure and broadband access.

“The U.S. economy is at a critical period, and policies need to fully support small business owners and the many new entrepreneurs who are helping to rebuild local economies. After the lights have turned out on National Small Business Week, President Biden and Congress need to stick with small business America. If President Biden wants a strong economy, he needs to ensure that our small business owners and entrepreneurs feel confident and fully supported through policies that provide as much freedom, flexibility, sales, and capital as possible in order to drive small business growth and success, and economic stability for the U.S. moving forward.”


Karen Kerrigan, president & CEO,

Raymond Keating, chief economist,

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