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By at 16 May, 2022, 9:15 pm

by Karen Kerrigan – 

SCORE Webinar: Your Roadmap to Success – How to Create a Business Plan

May 17 – 1:00 p.m. ET

The first step to starting a business is just the same as starting anything else. It begins with creating a plan. But what is a business plan, what does it need to include and why is it so important to create one?

Jania Bailey, CEO of FranNet has helped thousands of people make the leap from Employee to Entrepreneur. In this webinar, Jania will show you how to approach your business plan and how to build it.

In this webinar, you will learn:

● Why it’s essential to have a business plan

● The necessary information for an effective Business Plan

● Who will request to see the Business Plan

For more information, or to register for Free click here.

Descriptive vs. Non-Descriptive Logos: Which Kind is Most Effective? CrowdSpring

“A well-designed company logo creates value…Studies shown that the simplicity or complexity of a logo can influence investor funding decisions and brand equity. And significantly, regardless of whether you follow logo design trends, your logo impacts customer psychology and brand performance. But how do you pick the perfect logo for your business? And should your logo be descriptive or nondescriptive?” It depends, but consumers respond better to descriptive. Learn more here.

Eight Ways to Increase Worker Buy-In and Customer Service, Startup Professionals, Inc.

“Lack of engagement is very expensive. According to Gregg Lederman, engaged organizations grew profits as much as three times faster than their competitors. Highly engaged organizations have been shown to reduce staff turnover by 87 percent, improve performance by 20 percent, and increase customer satisfaction by at least 12 percent. ‘ENGAGED!: Outbehave Your Competition to Create Customers for Life,’ offers [these] eight key principles for defining and managing the experience to keep it consistent and profitable.”

15 Email Marketing Best Practices that Drive Results, CrowdSpring

“There are many ways to market successfully, but email marketing remains one of the best ways to grow a business. Follow these best practices to get a competitive advantage for your business.”

4 Things You Need to Know to Be Successful on TikTok, Inc.

“In case you hadn’t heard, TikTok‘s short-form videos are the latest and greatest way (until something else comes along) for businesses to showcase their brand and communicate with consumers–especially those of the Millennial and Gen-Z variety… so we’ve compiled advice from TikTok marketing experts to help you get some younger eyes on your brand.”

Start-Up Ideas for Success: Getting the Right Insurance, SBE Council/Big Ideas for Small Business®

“Getting insurance is an integral part of running a business. Some insurance is mandatory, some is highly advisable, and some is merely good to have if you can afford it. Understand which insurance to get when starting out and consider some ideas you can use to make it affordable.” Read more from Barbara Weltman here.

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Approaches 11-Year Low, Reuters

“The University of Michigan’s survey on Friday showed the deterioration in sentiment, which some economists said pushed it into recessionary territory, was across all demographics, as well as geographical and political affiliation. Gasoline prices and the stock market have a heavy weighting in the survey.” More here.

The index was the lowest in 11 years, since Aug. 2011.

Physical Stores are Still King: Diving into the Demographics of In-Store Enjoyment, Morning Consult

“Stores still have real advantages over online shopping, even as retailers continue to expand their digital shopping capabilities. Products aren’t just compared on specs; consumers are visiting stores for the tactile experience that only in-person shopping offers. Retailers should use digital ad space to promote in-store experiences such as convenient omnichannel services and the ability to see new product lines in person.” Read more and the demographic variability within key data here.

These are the Top 15 Cities Where College Students Want to Live Post-Graduation, CNBC

“Half of the survey’s respondents said they actively planned to live outside their home states after graduating. Only 20% said they planned to move back to their hometowns.

“Seattle isn’t the only city gaining traction, the report noted: Colorado Springs, Austin and Denver also moved up the list this year. The trend is a couple of years in the making, as people ages 25 to 29 have been migrating to cities like Denver, Seattle, Phoenix and Austin since 2019, according to 2021 report using Census Bureau data.” More here.

Building a Community Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – A Self-Guided Training for Communities, Main Street America

“While most people in your community may not be aware of the concept of Ecosystem building, the reality is your community already has one. However, it may not be functioning in a way that is conducive to supporting entrepreneurs for many reasons. This guide, along with additional resource links found throughout the Main Street Entrepreneurial Ecosystem resource center, will help you to overcome some of these more typical challenges.” Access the guide here.

Karen Kerrigan is president & CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.


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