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By at 25 July, 2022, 12:35 pm

By Karen Kerrigan –


SCORE Webinar – August 2, 1:00 p.m. ET

Join SCORE and small business expert and entrepreneur Ramon Ray for part 3 of a 4-part marketing series. The webinar discussion will take you through the ultimate marketing essentials you will need for your business to be a success.

Ramon will show you how to integrate content marketing, publicity and personal branding to grow your business. You’ll see how you can leverage these three pillars in your marketing tool book.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

● Use content to build trust with your audience.

● Enhance the credibility of your brand using publicity.

● Start and build a personal brand.

● Identify why a community of fans is often more important than a sale.

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What Your Company’s Social Media Presence Says About Your Small Business Brand, CrowdSpring

People are spending a lot of time of social media, and one of the top three reasons they engage on social media is to learn more about brands and products, or to look for new ones.  While revenue generation is an important outcome of using social media for your small business, this CrowdSpring blog post cites another important reason: “Social media is a potent tool for establishing and upholding your brand’s identity.”

Entrepreneurs can also building trust and credibility through social media engagement, and the blog post provides tips to produce that outcome.


STARTUP IDEAS FOR SUCCESS: Get the Licenses and Permits You Need, SBE Council/Big Ideas for Small Business®

Small business expert Barbara Weltman reviews some of the basics you will need to comply with government rules and regulations in opening our business. She writes:

“When you go into business, the government is your silent partner in more ways than one. The government takes a chunk of your profits in the form of taxes. The government tells you what you can and cannot do (the rules and regulations applicable to your industry and location). And the government requires that you have certain licenses and permits to operate legally.”

Read the full blog post here.


7 Reasons to Think Globally While Still New and Local, Startup Professionals

Martin Zwilling, CEO & Founder of Startup Professionals provides important advice for entrepreneurs who are serious about future business growth. In a blog post, he notes that the world “is a single market” and with easier access to the global marketplace, opportunity for growth is abundant. He writes:

“New entrepreneurs who want to survive, and optimize the growth of their startups, need to think globally, and act locally, from day one. This approach, popularly known as ‘glocalization,’ means you have to design and deliver global solutions that have total relevance to every local market in which you operate.”

Read the blog post here.


Getting Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season, Small Business Currents

It will be here before you know it, and as Rieva Lesonsky writes in a blog post about the forthcoming holiday retail season, “savvy retailers know that the heart of summer is when you start prepping for the rest of the year.”

Rieva explains that small business owners can look to the performance of existing sales events and expert predictions about the mindset of consumers to help you to better prepare. Read the blog post here.


Most Small Business Owners Don’t Do the Math on Their Most Valuable Asset, CNBC

Do you know what your business is worth? According to CNBC:

“A whopping 98% of small businesses polled by M&T Bank over the past two years didn’t know the value of their companies. This is especially troubling, given that for most business owners, their company is their most valuable asset.”

The CNBC article reports on why this is important, where to find a certified valuation experts and what to expect.


What to Do if you Fall Behind on Tax Payments, SBE Council, Big Ideas for Small Business®

Small business employers are required to pay employment taxes regularly, but if you fall behind due to lack of funds, small business expert Barbara Weltman provides tips and advice on how to get caught up. The most important advice is to never fall behind on these payments in the first place.

Karen Kerrigan is president & CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council.



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