Kerrigan in Real Clear Politics: Are Laptops the Next Baby Formula?

By at 1 September, 2022, 10:15 am

In an August 18 Real Clear Policy Op-Ed, SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan once again digs into problems with the International Trade Commission (ITC) where foreign companies are using the system to undermine U.S. businesses and our economy. She notes that the ITC can utilize the “public interest exemption” when deciding whether to bar a product from entry to the U.S. She writes:

“The ITC is supposed to analyze four distinct aspects of the public interest: public health and welfare; competitive conditions in the economy; the production of similar products in the U.S.; and U.S. consumers.

“A wide range of stakeholders, from Hispanic interest groups to rural communities, have repeatedly called on the ITC to issue public interest exemptions in the past and ensure consumers maintain access to critical products, including personal computing products. Unfortunately, the ITC seems unlikely to listen: It’s been almost forty years since it last used a public interest exemption to decline issuing an exclusion order.”

Read more about this important issue in Kerrigan’s Op-ed here.


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