Keating in The Detroit News: Small Business Powers America’s Energy

By at 21 February, 2023, 9:33 pm

In a February 21 opinion piece in The Detroit News, SBE Council chief economist Raymond Keating writes that small businesses depend on sound policies from our nation’s leaders to provide a foundation for growth. And that includes “smart policies on energy and energy infrastructure that assure business owners will have the power to fuel innovation and economic growth for years to come.”

He writes that policies pursued over the past few years have “weakened America’s energy security” but the start of a new year and new Congress has the potential to address policies on a bipartisan basis. Affordable, abundant energy is critical to all types of small businesses, “Not only because small businesses spend an estimated $60 billion annually on energy but also because the energy supply chain is largely populated by smaller enterprises of 100 employees or fewer.”

Read more from Keating here about the actions and policies Congress and the Biden Administration can take to power small businesses, and our nation’s economy, forward.

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