Price Controls Harm U.S. Drug Innovation, Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking and America’s Health

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Washington, D.C. – In response to the Biden Administration’s release of drugs targeted for government price controls via the Inflation Reduction Act and Medicare “negotiation,” the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) issued the following statement:

“In economics circles, no real disagreement exists on the impact of price controls on drugs. Namely, there will be reduced incentives and resources available for entrepreneurs and companies to develop new drug treatments for illnesses and diseases – a process, by the way, that faces great uncertainty and risk. Make no mistake, there will be fewer life-saving treatments for cancer and other diseases, as entrepreneurs, businesses and investors understand that government effectively setting price controls means government limiting potential returns. The only real disagreement is the degree or depth of these negative consequences,” said SBE Council chief economist Raymond J. Keating.

SBE Council president & CEO Karen Kerrigan added:

“U.S. policy has now ventured down a very harmful path that will have costly and unintended consequences for many years to come, if not reversed. Fewer innovators and innovative drugs mean inflated costs, limited treatments and options for patients, and the loss of U.S. leadership in this critical area. The outcome of President Biden’s price control policies will further impair our healthcare system and U.S. competitiveness. Consumers will be harmed not only at home but across the globe, as the world greatly benefits from America’s innovative bio-pharmaceutical output.”

Keating noted, “The leadership role by U.S. firms in developing new and improved treatments for patients has rested in large part on the absence of price controls. That’s now changing with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, and now the government selecting the first 10 drugs for price controls.”

Keating added, “Keep in mind that much of the vitality in the pharmaceutical industry comes from smaller, entrepreneurial firms. For example, according to the latest Census Bureau data (2020), 62 percent of employer firms in the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing sector of our economy have fewer than 20 employees, and 80 percent fewer than 100 employees. A key exit strategy for investors is via M&A, which incidentally also is coming under attack by the Biden administration. Unfortunately, a surefire way to diminish investment in these vital enterprises is for government to start down the path of imposing price controls, which is exactly what’s happening now.”

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