SMALL BUSINESS CURRENTS: What Content Do Consumers Want to See on Social?

By at 19 February, 2024, 12:20 pm

By Rieva Lesonsky – 

What types of branded content (content from companies) do consumers engage with on social media? This is especially important to know these days with so many social platforms that are saturated with content.

According to O’Dwyer’s Daily PR News Blast reporting on the newly released data from Sprout Social’s 2024 Content Benchmarks Report, consumers engaged with branded content much more frequently on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram than they did on Twitter (now called X by many, but will be referred to as Twitter here).

The stats are fascinating: “Brands received an average of 22 messages per day on Facebook and Instagram compared to 13 on Twitter.”

If you’re wondering how many times a day you should post on social media—the report says most companies published an average of 10 social posts a day in 2023 and 2022.

What types of content do consumers want to see? Consumers say they prefer video posts (short-form videos of less than 15 seconds were their first choice; short-form videos of 15-30 seconds came in second). However, the Report notes that most companies don’t focus on video content—only about a quarter of the content posted on Instagram last year was video posts.

Other types of content consumers want to see in 2024:

● Static images—30%

● Influencer content—26%

● [Longer] short-form video (31-60 seconds)—24%

● Live video—24%

● GIFs/memes—20%

The Report is free to download.

Video content stock image by DC Studio/Shutterstock

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